Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stapa's Alleged Point Behind The Yoga Ban

First, here's a shot of the very man suggesting that Yoga to be banned for all Muslims in this country.

Last month, my friend Edmund wrote to me a comment in regards of fatwa on Yoga. He remarked:
Actually Yoga is something to prepare you to DIE. Ask any really honest Yogi and Swami. It is the art of dying, of being annihilated with the awakening of the Serpent of the Spine (the Kundalini Force). It is not a neutral, non-religious breathing exercise. For once, the Muslim Authorities got it right.
I supposed, though not revealed, that this could be the one main reason why our dear Professor Stapa started the motion of banning this for the Muslims. Read this piece "Is Yoga Serpent Worship?" here.

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