Thursday, November 6, 2008

In Malaysia, Greed Is Good!

Gordon Gecko's immortal line, "Greed Is Good" played by Michael Douglas in Wall Street seems to echo well in Malaysia now.

By routine, the Prime Minister of Malaysia is usually the head of UMNO and the head of BN. But in actual truth, the King has the final say of whether the head of a coalition has the right to be PM or otherwise. Let's say if the King gives the nod on the head of coalition being the PM, so in turn, it is the 191 UMNO warlords that decide on who is the next PM after Mr. Flip-Flop.

But the ugly part is that if I am a candidate that offers myself to be a president, the 191 voters would say, "Yes, I will.... only if you give me the specific amount."

In UMNO, it is greed counts. So the picture is much clearer with the smokescreen dissipating. Really, UMNO is not interested in people's welfare, nation stability or better progress or harmonious society. They just want money to retain status quo. In one instance, a branch actually asked Ku Li $2 million in order to get a definitive vote. So when Ku Li, playing clean says no and no money, they voted for Najib instead. And that's how Najib won unopposed with Ku Li getting nothing except one vote. According to a expose by Ku Li's secretary in Malaysiakini, each member of a division is paid between RM500 to RM1500 just to get a division to nominate Ku Li.
"Some asked for RM500 while others wanted RM1,500 per head. (But) I told them that we didn't have money. Tengku (Razaleigh) does not want to give money for nominations.

"Tengku only offered himself to be evaluated and chosen by the delegates and will not give money in order to obtain nominations," he told Malaysiakini.
If that is the case, then why not declare the nominations void and start all over again?

On the other hand, we are actually told of a lie by Najib. He sweared in the mosque about Altantuya or Saiful, right? And he is lying right now. The $5 billion which he said is use to save the stock market from the effects of global meltdown is not for the stockmarket. That's what we are told, but instead, it is using people's money to bail out Valuecap Sdn Bhd. Little we know that Valuecap has only until February next year to settle its $5 billion loan it acquired from national investment arms in 2001.


On the Valuecap affair, don't you think to some, greed is good?

What happens if Najib ends up like Nixon in the end? I can picture that scenario. Do you?

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