Thursday, November 27, 2008

"My Ass Is On The Line"!

That's what my manager admittedly said to one of my seniors today. I was still in nervous mood, because I was constantly reminded that if the reviews of tomorrow is negative, that's the end of everything, the sack and the project goes down the drain. Even the manager is not sparred from this as well. I was trying to get over this episode and hope that things would go well in the coming week, whereby the product is released, get good reviews and then keep working more towards the end. So far, only one main module is completed and out of the 21 people today, all except one to three were roped in to finish the most difficult module ever in the software.

I started to think as what my bud said as 'over-committing' - committing from the very beginning, very sure of the product delivered in time. I felt that it's like overkill because either the buffer time is insufficient or those guys on top keep pushing or so. Perhaps the new term 'when it's done will have to come though'. Throughout the whole day I was very nervous that I took a lot of water, going to the toilet for the leak.

In the evening it was raining heavily but not at this time of writing. I saw two possible outcomes, either if God or Heaven is in sympathy over our troubles or it's not going to end well tomorrow. I rather being proved wrong tomorrow but I see the signs show that it's the bad and the latter. Around 8.30, just before I left, everyone was asked of remaining leave (medical and annual) and number of days worked for this month of November excluding tomorrow. APAC HQ was asking for it, not Bombay (since it's closed due to the terrorist attack) and I was suspecting of leave freeze, leave deduction or maybe worse.

I overheard my manager berating me through a conversation with Ponvel that I felt very offended. He thought that I should be given a try in one segment instead of sticking my time in one segment. He did remark at one point, "Where's the fun?" I only went to another segment briefly before going back here. I was a scared. Vasem was never constantly in that angry mood but in the recent days given that he has more pressure and possibly faces the worst wrath ever, he may have to do this at screaming at the workers like myself.

I asked my local guy Hock Kee at lunch whether if whether he's ready to be fired. He said no problem. Go back up north for his holiday, sort of. When I started work today, I felt time was very slow today and since yesterday, measurement report was like having a bad feeling Vasem is going to berate me anytime for missing out things. It was a little unfair for an accidental mistake or maybe because the assignment is quite complex.

A big shot from APAC HQ came over for three days there. From Wednesday, adminstrative staff started going around and asking people why on being either a few minutes late or not wearing a tie. Imagine if the July 14 episode (where roads were blocked up by the police) happens again..then what? Yunus came a minute late and was asked for an explaination.

Somehow I observed that the work could have finished faster and earlier if BK, orByresh could have stayed longer here instead of going back to India. Maybe that could save a lot of time and covered Alfred and Arunbabu's ass. But the poor girl from India was around here less than three months but left abruptly because of allegedly she complained about sexual harrassment by Yunus or Ayyappa.

So it's D-Day tomorrow. God help us all.

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