Saturday, November 1, 2008

Musings on Razak's Acquitting - Ref Malaysiakini

One day before the delivery of the verdict over the Altantuya murder, lead prosecutor, DPP Tun Majid Hamzah let slip loose that Razak was acquitted while the other two, Sirul and Azhar would be called for defence. I was banking on that fact that it would be that fact will be real on Friday.

And yes, Majid's revelation was indeed correct after all. By 10.30 a.m, I was updated on the thing that Razak Baginda was indeed acquitted. His testimony is good enough for him to go out. I didn't really bother of reading Zaki Yasin's judgement but I was reminded of a SMS text between Najib and Shafee Abdullah that said:

RB will have to face a tentative charge but all is not lost.

I surmised that there was a script ready before the trial began. Clues including replacing the prosecution team with Tun Majid Hamzah, the judge replacing K.N Segara and etc..deleting immigration records and so on. Apart from Razak's acquitting, the trial is a sham. But was it to make Sirul and Azhar scapegoats and to cover Rosmah? Anwar was quick to said that is a sham and predictable.

Last I heard that the defence team for Sirul and Azhar was planning to call Raja Petra to testify. If Pet is allowed to testify, that is going to get the ball rolling. When he testifies, the military intelligence report that Khairy allegedly kept could leak out and bye-bye Sri Perdana for Najib and Rosmah.

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  1. Since Razak Baginda, the fall guy, with no further obstacles or hindrances in sight for Nargis in his ascending to the Top Power, has been released, and the real murderers whose identities are obvious are still at large with RPK detained under ISA and PI Balasundram exiled overseas there is no other major obstacles and hindrances to Nargis’ ascendancy to the pinnacle of his power come March 2009. This is only obvious that UMNO has now the final say in justice with their man Zaki as the Chief Justice. This is the obvious Justice of Malaysia, the laughing stock of the whole world, Malaysia should be boycotted by the world communities for their greatest injustices towards human rights and common normal justices.


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