Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Booze and Party Week

It was a week of booze and party for Friday and Saturday as well as eve of Deepavali.

Simon and Edmund came down as I could not meet them a day earlier. I really wanted to have a good time at Finnigans, talking anything that is Irish, from James Joyce to Kitchen Irish or whatsover so we seized the chance and had a round of cocktails and beer to go along with some food. And of course some interesting discussion of the local and foreign scene!

Edmund had remarked on me being short of money. True, I only got my pay on the 1st. It's not like in the previous company where I get paid on the 26th like most local companies do.

Friday was Balkrishna's final day of work before he returned to India on Saturday. He had been working here for 10 months and we had a party of thanksgiving. Another colleague, Murali is returning to Hydrabad this weekend as well.

Usually, party for these Indian colleagues usually start late at 9 and ends at around 1 in the morning. That's because most of us don't leave at 6 p.m sharp but instead, we would leave as early as 7 p.m at latest at around 9.30 or so.

Along with briyani rice, chicken masala, tidbits and some pickles, we all had a rounds of hard drinks, featuring a bottle of whiskey courtesy of B.K. There's some cheers all around that night in Bistari until 1 in the morning.

I couldn't go more than three as I had to send Alfred and Ponvel back to Pantai Dalam. But's one decent party to say adieu to B.K and Murali. I took a nap in a room just to make sure I have enough energy to drive on the road to send Alfred and Ponvel back.

The next day, Adrian came down with Dad to visit me. I bet he wanted to come and celebrate happy birthday with me. Well, I went to his place in September, he had reached adulthood officially and gave him a present. In turn, he bought two books, one narrative and another one, a anthology called March 8: The Day Malaysia Woke Up.

I thought of taking him to some nice place he never had food so anyhow we went to one restaurant they celebrated my birthday in advance with some brownies.

I owed my colleagues a self-sponsored meal today, but would make it up tomorrow. When I came to office today, everyone, starting with Subbu came over and greeted me birthday wishes, with some SMSes by Dad and Ilona. I felt downbeat today, Alfred was pretty concerned, but I was unhappy over a decision by Vasem, a bit worried of how my things are going..not good. To cap off the weekend, I just had another booze with honey chicken at chillies. At least it is to celebrate my ownself....!

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