Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cops, What Good Are You Anyway If You're Ordered To Behave Like a Terrorist?

Today, I read two pieces where someone commented and had sympathy of the lower-ranked military or police officers that were ordered to perform their duties, but yet they had two limitations:

one is not given sufficient amount of pay that was against what is the supposedly minimum pay in this nation;

Quote from Pete:
During my stint in the Kamunting detention center I asked my prison warders what their starting salaries are. They told me it is only RM800 per month. By the time they retire at the age of 58, after working more than 35 years, their salary will be only RM2,200 per month. What can they buy with RM800 per month? Before the middle of the month they are already broke. Most sit at their desk the entire duration of their 8-hour shift because they can't afford to go to the canteen for tea.
secondly, as a person being bound by the 11 General Standing orders you are not able to challenge the orders from your superiors. But what if you feel that the order is morally wrong? Are you able to report this to Internal Affairs?

The police is in a disarray. Last year, I spoke of the police episode whereby the force being split into Team Musa and Team Yusuff. But this year it was different case. Both my blogging friends, Bernard and Pete said that although the police officers and the guys working at the detention camp are just doing their job the real problem is that they are not given much money to feed for themselves. Hence they had to follow orders from the above if they are to survive and being in the rat race.

The real problem is on the chain of command. The commanding tier is steering to the wrong direction. They look at dissenters while the real crimes like robbing, murdering, cheating and all sorts are left unchecked. Who actually ordered the lower-levels to do so? And who ordered them to instruct? I had a fuzzy feeling that the upper command of the police force is:

a) had to take orders from politicians like Wan Farid Salleh or Botak Albar.


b) thinking without conscience, logic and on moral grounds and see protesters, dissenters as potential threats although they do not carry anything lethal like guns, knives or baseball bats. Right now, the stance is similar to what author David Icke said: if you are seen dissenting or protesting even without violence, you are considered as a terrorist. This is part of the new global level of fascism that is last seen since the Nazis in World War II.


I got news that one of the anti-organizers in Penang, Paula was arrested under section 143 of the Penal Code. I only met Paula online via Facebook a few months ago. She first contacted me through someone else. Then later, she dropped a comment in one of my postings mid last-month. She came down to PJ on the third round of the anti-ISA vigil, but I missed out meeting since I was meeting with Edmund and Simon for dinner.

The police were rapped badly for their handling over the last week's PJ version. But this round, they did the other way round, going for the heads. While dispersing, she was quietly taken off to the Patani Road station, released at 1 a.m.


Quote from Bernard:

they are the most lowly paid. It is no wonder that many are on the take. I am not encouraging graft. I am appealing for some empathy. Being lowly paid, they depend also on their job to put bread on table and books in school-bags. I cannot blame them when they become over-bearing. They are taking orders. Their jobs depend on obeying orders.


What good is a policeman anyway if he is ordered to behave like a terrorist by his superior?

Could we be seeing another provaction by UMNO dickheads to give them another reason of using Solution 1969?

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