Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Zaid Tells of A Social Experiment That Went Awry

Now don't you ever try to say I am a racist first of all. I read a few pieces that touches on Malay Supremacy sometime ago, and I summed up into a few points:

1. Before the 70s, the majority of Malays lack the flair, creativity, self-reliance and innovative to be well sound in finance, quota and reputation, even if they have the political power than the non-Malays.

2. The Malay Supremacy is an experimental plan with good intentions, as what Mr. Mahathir said before, as to level the playing field (in terms of changing rules that could irk others) so that the majority of Malaysian citizens, being Malays could someday be able to be on the same height and reputation as others. In Tun's words, to help them to stand on their own feet, being independent of government assistance, and doing the same thing as what others do.

3. The plan never stated that it goes on forever. Instead it says that once people are able to stand on their own feet, the plan is removed, considering that it has met its ultimate objective.

4. However, many had misintepreted the meaning of the term. Now, the plan is misused. Instead of being on their two feet, the plan was leveraged to stamp their feet onto others in a wrong way. For instance, if I am to point out mistakes that most of them to help improving, they start scolding me as if I am a busy-body. That thing is why many non-Malays are pissed off and even it elicited the sympathy of the some liberal-minded Malays. It happened mostly because the normal people are hoodwinked by certain leaders who turned the objective into their propaganda - shielding behind the name of religion and race. It is like forgotten the intended purpose, which points to the famous words, Melayu Mudah Lupa.

Perhaps most of them who makes the noise are the ones from aristocracy and royalty.

Interestingly, the Star carries a coverage on Zaid Ibrahim that quoted:

“I am a village boy from a poor family, not an aristocrat or royalty. I want to see the Malays succeed in economy and education.”

That sums up some of the points i would comment. See also this piece from Malaysiakini.

Not many people now cares of this concept. Most youngsters simply do not understand what is it really about. If you have some classic literature like Thackeray's Vanity Fair or Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, you would notice that one theme that is shown is that old believes might not work in a new period and needs to change. A Darwinist approach is needed.

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