Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What A Bunch of Hypocrites!

What does an average Malaysian citizen expects out of a policeman? He / she expects them to help keep things under control in the streets at all times, helps the people in the dire need and make the world a safer place for all of us to leave.

But then, it seems that our perceptions of the police force is facing at:

A: Biased that acts brutally on innocent people and protecting the corrupt and racist scum
B: Instead of making an effort to reduce the crime rate, it keeps going high and police are looking at the wrong pole.
C: There are some who wants to do the morally right thing but were overruled by the executive or the chain of command.

Sum: I don't know whether to trust them or not.

Case In Point:

If you have seen the news where the police come in like gangsters and stop the anti-ISA gathering in Pandan Indah, you might want to compare with how pro-ISA march event that happened on Sunday afternoon. The police couldn't had the guts to stop them although both PERWARIS and GMI do the same peace marches. I was sure PERWARIS march went on because they had the PERKIDA (connected to UMNO) party to back them up.

You can reveal the two Malaysiakini videos (first link here is on the Ampang episode) and second link is on the PERWARIS.

If you remember last week, the police has issued several ridiculous conditions for the PJ anti-ISA vigil that includes no banners or t-shirts that says no to ISA. What about those PEWARIS jokers out there? What about the T-Shirts or those headbands that say Hidup Melayu?

If you just let the pro-government people do what they want but stamp on those other side who wants to do the same thing, then you are no more better than a lapdog, cannon fodder for the government. I can no longer have that level of trust at them anymore.

Well, you guys be the judge. If I am the PM, I'd sack the entire top brass of PDRM.

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