Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh, BN...You Are My Master And I Will Worship You

That's what BN is expecting when they announced the drop of 15 sen for fuel prices from today onwards. Support is still eroding, UMNO nomination campaign still on.

But Keadilan Youth thinks it's not enough and push some more to at $1.40 - that excludes subsidy. And subsidy is from people's money themselves. People got hoodwinked.

$2.15 in my opinion is the price that should have been when Dollah Badawi decides to raise the fuel price in June. If Shahrir decides to remove the subsidy when the price hits 1.92, then it's worthless. Anyhow people are indirectly contributing $1.20 - unwillingly.

People tend to reap the benefits but the other side of the coin is to make people say that BN is their master.

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