Thursday, November 6, 2008

Barack Obama As The New POTUS

At office, we would sometimes tune in to CNN as we would want to track some business news around the world. Throughout the whole yesterday, they were covering the presidential elections and by lunchtime, Barack Obama crossed the 270 votes required to become president of the United States. At evening, the score was 338 to 163 with four states yet to submit their poll counts.

Yes, it is the first time where el presidente is a black man. And I did remember a joke by our cartoonist LAT that said 'the 41st president of United States is Joshua F Washington from Harlem'! It's not like in Malaysia where the majority of votes come from the main race but in the states, the amount of minorities, hispanic, black and otherwise are the ones swinging the vote in favor of Obama.

I know some celebs holding the left / right stance. Warren Beatty would be happy. He's leftist stance has found the day. I also know that Harrison Ford, being a rightist got what he needed. Wyoming, his state voted for McCain. McCain got support from the whites and the rightists. Say, remember what he said, 'I like Ike' in Indiana Jones?

But anyhow, Adrian, being addicted to black man music from his time in Alabama was cautioning me over the tendency of Obama last week. I was surprised that Alabama voted for McCain. Coming back to the point, Adrian cautioned me that since Barack is the first black president in the history, he feared that he might not last long. First concern is that he might never finish his first term in office since Obama has some enemies, particularly the white supremacists (note that two were arrested for attempted assassination recently). And he did warn me that Obama being elected could trigger the chain of events that could set in motion as what was written in the Bible. I also recalled of the past history where Lincoln is made enemy by white supremacists when he signed the law that abolishes slavery - that ended with his assasination.

The one reason I preferred Obama over McCain is simply on how will he handle the economy. McCain is the military man, but the doubt is on whether he can handle it or not.

For me, I only have one concern that is outsourcing. My Indian colleagues are pretty concerned that Barack Obama doesn't want to much outsourcing and intends to limit it so that the Americans get a fair chance at job. In America right now, number of retrenchments are pretty high, but in Asia it's different. Everyone takes the pain, the method is via a pay cut.

Finally what about Malaysia. Can we take the lesson from USA that people have enough of 8 years of George Bush? People's will is still lacking and Barack did say of we do not wait for time and the special person to do it. UMNO is akin to right-wing people, pre-emptive actions, clinging to power, refusing to listen to people, arrogance. I don't really think the stimulus package would work. And if the worst is happening the constant 4-letter word that is uttering out from people's mouths is not F**K but UMNO.

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  1. Just FYI... Harrison Ford isn't a 'rightist'. He's extremely dedicated to environmental issues and, according to the LA Times, he was supporting Obama and donated $30,000+ to his campaign.



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