Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Double The Pleasure, Double The Pain

I am aware that RPK was asked to make a statement to the police in the evening in regards to the complaints by the Islamic religious authorities. But then, even before he went to the police station, he pointed out that this is the same report by the four organizations that ended up with his detention in the ISA.

After release, he was summoned over the same thing. But it is the duplicity of the thing that is making things a little cuckoo. Is it defined as different by Gani Patail? Was the whole thing deliberately intended to be double the pleasure for Islamic authorities and double the pain for Pete? I think it is.

Before going for the statement, since he was summoned over the same matter in a loop, Pete hit back by filing a report at Jakim. According to the Malaysiakini video, and the excerpt:

“The officers at Kamunting also informed the detainees that the Mufti of Perak told them detainees need not perform Friday prayers,” he said.

The blogger also said he was given five religious classes on Oct 28 while in detention where an ustaz from Jakim claimed that all other religions were false and only Islam was the right religion.

“The ustaz also said all other Holy books except the Quran are false,” he said, adding he felt compel to lodge the police report because of this.

That's why there has been a question of which Islam version to follow, whether it's the Malaysian version of Islam or the real Arabic version of Islam that is indeed the accurate one. The problem is that there are some who tries to be holier than thou by declaring that I am right you are wrong. But if the person is wrong then what?

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