Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The March of The Lawyers

As of 11 a.m. today, the lawyers of the Bar Council are marching from the Palace of Justice to the Prime Minister's office in Putrajaya. They left Merdeka square since 9 in the morning.

The march began at around 11 a.m with bloggers and members of the public follow behind the lawyers at there.

The sequence of events as from 11 a.m. onwards, as according to Malaysiakini are:

10:44 a.m:

There were seven bus loads of lawyers reaching the Palace of Justice. However from there, the road to the PM's office was barricaded by the police with the assistance of the FRUs. And so there begins the march towards the office. Quite a long walk really, in my opinion.

11:51 a.m:

The police threatened to stop them from going further into the office of the PM. But the participants of the protest defied the police directive and instead marched on. They were assuring that they are marching peacefully with no harm.

12:03 p.m.

4 people representing the group met an official from the PM's department and handed it over the memorandum.

12:15 p.m

Rocky's account of the march at his blog.

As of this time at Petaling Jaya it is raining while rain was spotted earlier at Putrajaya

Alright, they've handed the memorandum. But the Bar Council is right in demanding for a royal commission to investigate this scandal. The Bar Council has total disagreement over the decision of the government to have a special independent panel to look into the matter, calling it unacceptable. According to fellow blogger Haris Ibrahim:

For those who may have forgotten, Haidar was the Registrar of the Supreme Court who, on the instructions of Hamid Omar, squirreled away the seal of the Supreme Court so that the order of the 5 Supreme Court judges prohibiting the tribunal hearing the case against Salleh Abas from submitting their recomendations to the Agung could not be sealed.

Given Haidar’s implication in the Salleh Abas sacking, he is unacceptable.
Now, another concern is this. At this time, AAB is not at the office, currently attending the annual UN summit in New York. According to a book that I've read, any correspondence reaching AAB even in the form of memorandum has to go through the Son-In-Law or his personal assistants supervised by him and vetted before it goes to AAB himself.

Talk about eyes only to Abdullah, that is what some would see through it. The royal commission is more appropriate in handling the matter as stressed by DSAI. The people especially the minority is losing patience and trust of the ruling coalition in dealing with this matter.

The generation X people, minus those lazy and menaces possess much more of awareness and understanding than the older generation are. Hence that they much awareness and insight into what is running the country right now. Let's count: how many bloggers in Malaysia are from Generation X and Millennial ones?

Update: The picture gallery for the march can be see in this link:

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  1. MORE PICS & Video – Thousands Marched For Justice - Putra Jaya Sep 26 07; Hundreds had to Walk there; A four-member delegation submitted a memo to an official from the PM's Department, calling for a royal commission to look into the rot in the Judiciary


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