Monday, September 17, 2007

NWN 2 - Fighter Class Creation

I spent the entire weekend at my brother's house continuing Neverwinter Nights 2. I can say that it is quite addictive, except that it may lag at indoor levels. But they provide sumptuous visuals almost similar as Unreal 3 except for indoor sites.

Someone told me that there is a way to try the game, if you are new by playing a prestige-character class. One of the prestige-classes would be the Frenzied Berserker that does tons of damage, provided your basic attribute points that you earn through level-ups are mainly on Strength.

I remembered this article from PC Gamer UK that recommends using that class but a different progression:

Your character type = Dwarf.


You start off as a basic fighter, but after level 5, you change to Bard, at level 11-20, you change to a Red Dragon Disciple (cool dragon breath!) and finally the remaining levels (I think the cap is level 30) is on Frenzied Berserker.


In order to go to Red Dragon Disciple, you must have a rank of 8 and above for Lore. The rest you focus on Diplomacy with some on Bluff and default class abilities.

Feats: Mainly on Power Attack and its branches, two-hand weapon focus, Dodge, Toughness and whatever that you see that is relevant to fighter classes.

After you reach Frenzied Berserker, you get two feats called Supreme Cleave and the Great Cleave which can deal tons of Melee damage. You also can do Frenzy, which makes you invulnerable but susceptible after the thing expires.

A cool side note: When you reach Act 2, you are in charge of a keep called Crossroads Keep, meaning that you are in the middle between West Harbor and Neverwinter. You are running your town, you there's things to do while you're there, repairing, training and etc..!

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