Thursday, September 6, 2007

Witness Of The Mob

I had dinner at Petaling Street earlier at night. I was on the way back to take the LRT back to a place I've parked my car. But while I was walking down a small road near Central Market, I saw a big group of people beating up a guy. There's a security guard from the bank coming up and trying to stop the guy.

So I called the cops hotline guy. Thought it was a fight. Right in front of the flower shop.

The beat-up guy was moving away and the other guys were giving chase. Saw them going across the road to Central Market. I was talking to someone though. But I remembered the spot they are following that thief.

A man approached me before I went over to Central Market. Claimed to say that his car ran out of fuel and he was trying to get some fuel for his car - asking whether I can spare him some money though. I was a bit skeptical, the moment he speaks about the Lord blessing him though, I got a little relaxed and tried to go along with the talk, just taking care not to make him unhappy. He was from Klang, a Christian, looked up and said, may the Lord bless this guy in future as his act (me) of help had saved me...Praise The Lord...

Fine. I got still doubtful and asked him if he knows what is Exodus 8:2 just to see if he lives up to what he claims. He took out a small leaflet and showed it to me. That's it though...believed in his word. Just told him to beware of his own words and he said 'God will be my witness in this scenario'.

I'm still not very sure whether there is something going to happen in future because of this act of mercy..

Once I finished with my talking, I went across. Saw more people gathering in front of the pharmacy, surrounding that thief. Most of those guys who caught him are Malays, beating that guys ass as if they behaved like a mob. I learned that he tried to steal a bottle of shampoo. But there are two elderly men who managed to put things in control, checking the ID and making sure that no more damage was done.

The thief was bleeding on the head and spitting blood, shirt torn off. But there was no IC card. So it turns out that he's a Bangladeshi guy trying to get away. But one question: why the shampoo? Why not the food?

But the next instant, he tried escaping and running into the market building. He can't ran that fast since the mob had beaten him up! But they got many people making sure he would not move. Pharmacy staff called the cops, and I called them twice. When I saw a police car driving down to Hang Lekir, I immediately raced down to tell them otherwise they will be mistaken for a false call. Told them of the real thing, breathless - told them of how we spotted the thief at a flower shop to across the street. Afraid that the officer will mistaken it as a fight.

But there are additional officers to help out. But I had to tell explain to some onlookers what is it all about, I was one of the witnesses, but the police just called the pharmacy staff over for statement. Something intrigues me though - why beat the thief as a big group of mob when you have surrounded the person?

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