Monday, September 24, 2007

Witchhounds in Campus

I remembered one my schoolmates in secondary school and my aunt studying at UPM for their degree courses respectively. I am aware that in universities there is such a thing as university politics.

Of course, student leaders are free to do so as long as it doesn't go above the ethics in the university.

But I feel that the case at UPM is quite outrageous.

That student is trying to make his time at UPM memorable and being active in various activities besides studying. Instead, he finds that his things are confiscated by security personnel who don't even understand the word of privacy.

From Malaysiakini, briefly:

First-year Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) student Yee Yang Yang is considering legal action to get back his laptop which was seized by the campus security on Friday night.

In addition to his laptop, the security officers also carted away Yee’s mobile phone, MP3 player and 10 other items valued at RM6,000 during a spot check of his hostel room. Documents were also confiscated.

Yee (right), who is studying timber technology, was also interrogated about his involvement in student politics.

Although he was told that the items would be returned last Saturday, this did not happen - and a 75-minute meeting with unit director Mej Othman Jailani today did not produce results either.

"They (security officials) wanted me to give them the password for my phone and laptop so that they could check the contents," he told reporters outside the campus security's office this afternoon.

"I refused. I want them to return my things and to apologise to me publicly because they did not follow proper procedures when they took away my belongings.

"Not only were they not in uniform, but they were also rude when I asked questions."

The attitudes of these authorities shows that they are arrogant, thinking that they are high and mighty. In addition, these "pigs" absolutely have no respect on one matter: privacy. Which is indeed against the rights of every human being that is entitled to.

I often think that to have that thing impede your way to make your life meaningful in campus means is to make a ruckus out of your for nothing.

If it is clearly because of the survey form in which you hardly like the current ministers of Bolehland, this means that you are trying to force everyone to accept the statement as the Nazi man Nazri would do before. It is still the shut up and listen mentality that these people are trying to impose. I recalled the statement that Machai made sometime ago that they still need to listen to the UMNO because of the superiority...why keep doing that when you know that you don't really agree to their ideas? Public backlash? That's because despite having the kind of stature and reputation, some of the cronies have a shallow level of understanding!

You don't have to stick to a group if you don't really agree on. You can just ignore the call to be called a black sheep. Stand up for what you are, people!

If I had the chance, I would definitely carry a gun and shoot the idiots point blank in the face. What a kind of disrespect you show to a student that poses no physical harm to others. Yee Yang Yang deserves the right to voice his on comment, not to be shoved of stupid men ideas!

The real truth is indeed hurting the guys at UPM. It's just another parallel case of the lawsuit against Rocky and Jeff. Kalimullah Hassan is trying to shut things up the same thing he gags Matthias Chang - a fellow man from the same school of mine - and Husam Musa. It's going to be another embarrassment for the idiots of the Bolehland.

I often dreamed of Bolehland guys running the nation well when I was a kid. But after Mahathir era, it is going the other way round. I just simply don't have much words to continue about that.

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