Sunday, September 23, 2007

Rigging of Trials

Someone said that the recent Nurin's murder that was sensationally highlighted on newspapers are actually distracting the people's attention from the judiciary scandal that is now a hit in Malaysia.

Maybe it's because of the media's knowledge that the people love crime and horror stories.

If you are reading a newspaper online, which local news will you read first?

First priority is the headline and then following with crime news. I knew it because I am one of them too!

But the funny thing is that the lawyer V.K Lingam who was named as the prime suspect of the scandal along with our current Chief Justice is called Shockalingam - named after our Anniyan victim Chockalingam.

Remember Anniyan's line - Chocka 65 for me! ?

Never have I heard before a scandal that could be as great as the 1988 sacking of Salleh Abas.

But on the other hand, El Balachi Nazi has denied that Shockalingam is talking to the CJ but on the other hand is pressing the Child Act 2001 against Nurin's parents for negligence.

Everyone says that this El Balachi Nazri the Nazi (see Mob's poster) is an asshole from what he says. If an opposition tells of a dissent of a people, he imposes the shut up and listen thing on everyone.

How ironic is that mentality of a de facto Law Minister. AAB was saying 'no need commission of inquiry'. Seems like that he's turning the thing away as if there is nothing involving him.

Najib was saying of waiting for the authentication of the video.

If the government decides to act against the video, that means there is likely a dissatisfaction growing more and more bigger than before.

Strangely though, on the day where the article was out, the Chinese and the English dailies were able to tell the story but stopped at one point of naming the actual persons involve. They used plural nouns. But the Malay papers and Bernama absolutely imposed a blackout of the thing until they relented. Not Utusan Malaysia.

So, is ZAM saying that this is authoritative source? Cut the bullshit.

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