Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Merdeka Thoughts

Yes, indeed Malaysia has reached 50 years of independence. Surely 50 years tends to show how wiser and more intelligent a nation should be to the eyes of the world. Being 50 means being like a middle-age woman or something.

But there is something amiss behind that I feel not comfortable of celebrating.

You see, being 50 means that you must show wisdom, foremost, and then intelligence. But then the mentality of the nation is still one step backwards from what I feel it should be as of now. The mentality should no longer cling to the past and then we are also facing a problem of discontent among the community.

Here's a problem with mentality with a few cases of point: Yesterday, there was supposed to be fireworks at KLCC, not just Merdeka Square alone. Everybody there was disappointed. Why? Is it the last minute decision by the police or is it the intervention of high-ranking officials?

If the MCA is willing to speak on behalf of Wee Ming Chee to make an apology or to help him make a statement to the nation, why are most people, especially the Malays are against it and wanted to mentally beat that guy to death? Whereas the facts are clear: there is something gone wrong with Malaysia right now?

Is the truth a lie or is it hurts?

I have to concur with the opinion of many observers who find that despite reaching 50, Malaysia is still having the trouble particularly with the tension arising from religious issues. Many, even the self-aware Malays pointed out that the root cause of tensions lies within the elite people of the UMNO. The NEP, an affirmative economic policy whose sole aim is to help them bridge the gap of shared wealth against the minorities goes awry already.

I'm not really talking about the policy, but the main spillover from this is that it discriminates the others. People want to go to university but find themselves unable to join because of the quota imposed. Businesses require this 30 percent thing, and whatever crap that is imposed to make things difficult.

No wonder we're still behind. We're yet to reach number 1.

It's the wrong mentality that results in the inappropriate way to administer people. You got the resources and the numbers but still you can't get the result if you do it wrong way! People are getting sick being pushed aside. Are they trying to reenact pre-Martin Luther King era again here?

Thierry Rommel was trying to give an advice on how to improve Malaysia's economy and relation to the world but instead was told to shut up particularly from a big group of ultra-nationalists. But there's a question hidden there. Have they seriously thought of the implications before speaking their words? Have they considered what happens if they do not raise that thing for that small reason? That demonstrates mob mentality which to those with high intellectual deem them as low-life or those who think shallow. What they say implies to "tone" down invitations of foreign investment here. IDR is just not the right way to pull investors in. Some say IDR is merely giving an additional portion to Singapore - which i just wish it better not be.

On that night I heard AAB shouting Merdeka seven times as the Tunku did, but then I felt that that's not how it should be done. AAB has only fulfilled 25 percent of the overall mission. But he still has yet to finish the other 75 percent - 1/4 of it is CORRUPTION.

I went walking around Merdeka Square observing a big bunch of people. Out of 100 people, I noticed 75 percent are those Malays. But it became shocking to me that most that I've noticed are punks, lazy bums, who sorrow themselves in cigarette and had no purpose in live. The appearance of those people can give me subtle hints of what they really are. Also, it implies that these guys come in motorcycles and are probably street menaces that go wildly around at midnight until late morning.

There are things or powers that are to help them but even though it's there, the wrong mentality and laziness by the majority of the 60 percent population will not bode well to the country's progress. In fact, we might not be able to reach our vision 2020 with that kind of attitude. As what Hartmann says in Full Metal Jacket, those guys are the worst lifeforms on earth, pukes and maggots - and they tend to discriminate the innocent, poor and the minority 40 percent with that kind of ridiculous and mixing religious policies into the constitution?

That's not how the country should be run! The thing of mixing religion into this is indeed tensing things further! There are even some fanatical clerics telling Malays not to go to their friend's festival or something. What reason is that? No? Does that mean that my friend Daim cannot meet me to watch a movie together? Can't go for dinner together? What the hell is this thing?

Who is that idiot that says that? According to RPK, that kind of thing is totally wrong against the ACTUAL religion teachings. Maybe they've got it wrong already. If everything that someone makes and there is a mob-style reaction to what they've did...blah...blah...this no good...that no good...that against our style....

Those idiots will have better to think again - the next time people use Civil Disobedience because of them being pushed too far and too hard against the wall, it will be too late for them to realize that they've make a fatal mistake that will be quite hard to put back or irreversible.

Do you want Malaysia to be plunged into an irredeemable abyss as India does before?

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