Sunday, September 30, 2007

Remember Din's Words!

In the morning, when I read this mainstream article featuring the Mamak of Merbok, I started to laugh at how obsolete and unacceptable this guy is!

Just a quote from that piece of news:

It is highly unprofessional of lawyers to hold street protests.

It’s about time the Government find out if the lawyers were allowing themselves to be used.

It’s clear they were being directed by a certain individual or political party out to discredit the Barisan government.

No wonder I kept saying that this guy is a prime example of dinosaurs in the government who don't even give damn thing to understand the global changes that are affecting Malaysia as well.

Here's an example: blogging. Notable journalists of the media have made successful transitions to blogging to reach more people online. This even includes Datuk A.K Jasin - chief editor some more.

But this guy is an ex-Utusan editor and still don't even know a single thing of blogging!

Here's a solution: Go to the All-Blogs forum this Wednesday!

During the floor session with the public at the forum on Saturday, a notable person got up to make a statement. That was Din Merican, and the one thing he said that gave me an idea to write this post is (correct me if I am wrong):

(referring to the man making trouble) "Sack that minister who is also from Kedah!"

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