Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mandatory Upgrade

For those who might be buying or upgrading new PCs, you need to know that there a few things deemed extinct that the market no longer sells it.

First thing is that they don't sell anymore of Prescott motherboards.
Second thing is that they don't sell anymore of those Socket-478 processors.

And now, the third thing is that they are to ship out Windows XP!

A lot of people fancied XP over Windows Vista due to performance cases and the IDE issues that developers find that it is totally different from what is shown in Vista. Because of this, business level users have pressured Microsoft to keep selling XP.

But it is only a reprieve as Microsoft decided to delay further the removal of XP from market by 30 June 2008. Perhaps the main cause of this is that lukewarm response to the initial release of Vista as well as total pressure from Dell customers.

The thing is that Vista alone requires 1 GB of RAM to run major applications. In some test machines that I've test run, I noticed that the machine lags when it is run at the minimum of 512 MB of RAM. a 2GB RAM will be needed if you want to run some video games along. This is evident in the Microsoft-exclusive game Halo 2 which is on PC right now.

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