Friday, September 30, 2011

Fear Mongering Like Queen of The Night

On the day before Bersih 2, I have written a piece, where the fears and threats of arrest of coming to the rally was like (or an allegory) to the obscurantism that the Queen of the Night preaches in Mozart's Magic Flute.

I wrote:

The Queen of the Night - a representation of obscurantism , in other words, the practice of deliberately preventing the facts or the full details of some matter from becoming known. This is ironically what is happening right now, where people are denied the knowledge of what they want to know. Instead, they were threatened with a charge of the Official Secrets Act if information is to be revealed. And this is why many people to this day has either no clue or they acted foolishly without the proper and sufficient knowledge. The aristocracy's obscurantism of the social problem's is the main factor the start of the French Revolution.
I also put in the Three Ladies as the agents of the Queen:

The three ladies of the Queen - Represents the agents that will carry out her order. The mainstream media has been ordered to do a smear campaign of Bersih. The main goal is simple: manufacturing consent, to create a consent among the simpleton minded (those like Papageno) that Bersih is a no good thing, without presenting the reasons why Bersih would do such thing. They would also twist to include statements from leaders who are opposed to the idea of clean elections.
I've also included a video clip of the opera's famous aria,  "Hell's Vengeance Boils In My Heart"

As most of you are not aware, today and this year marks the 220th anniversary of the opera.
It was first debuted on 30 September 1791, just two months before Mozart's untimely death.
The problem right now is that fear and threats are spread around, yet people remain ignorant. The character of Papageno is an allegory to such attitude. I wrote:
Papageno - Tamino's companion, Papageno represents the foolish and the error of the people. These people are mainly simpletons, those who do not really bother about enlightenment and wisdom but just food, drink and companionship. In Act II Scene 5, the priests scolded Papageno because he will never know the enlightened bliss of the gods, but instead Papageno said, there are many unenlightened but happy. This is the danger of being susceptible to the danger of superstition and groundless fears.

How can we overcome such fear mongering like "eradicated rights" that people from UMNO and some NGOs would say that? It's from proper and right knowledge, enlightenment and not to be a lazy native. We too should start believe that such things spread actually do not exist. It is meant to scare people of going out of the shell and exploring the unexplored.
The plot of the opera is somewhat a metaphor of the mankind's progression from naive to enlightened being. To refuse such enlightenment is a one step backwards.
No need to elaborate further as what I've mentioned previously.

More Brickbats for Rais on Undilah

Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim today said the “Undilah” video was unsuitable for broadcast as it contains “subliminal messages” aimed at influencing viewers. 

According to Bernama, the Umno minister said the clip, a 4.38-minute public service announcement urging Malaysians to vote, may offend to certain groups. He did not name the groups.

He added the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), which reports to his ministry, had pulled the clip off the air but said the Home Ministry would make the final decision on whether to allow the clip to be aired on television.

“LPF (Film Censorship Board) does not come under my ministry but the Home Ministry, which will make a decision whether the clip can be shown,” he was quoted as saying to reporters after opening an arts appreciation programme in Pasir Salak near here today.

The MCMC had explained on the weekend that the video, produced by musician Pete Teo, was temporarily taken off the air as it was yet to receive approval from the LPF.

It however described the order as “normal practice” and said the decision had nothing to do with the clip’s contents.

--Undilah video offensive says Rais (The Malaysian Insider)

Twitterverse is again on the buzz where more people and tweets go whacking Rais Yatim to kingdom come. It has been common knowledge of those guys out there that this man is a senile old man and well, even some of them have stated the desire of having him out of the Cabinet, if there is a reshuffle or if there is a new BN cabinet lineup after GE 13.

I don't really understand how he gets information that "people don't like Undilah". It is a statement that baffles the logic. In fact, it is high likely that he must have been wrongly advised.

Then again, Rais has been vilified by many people including the tech-savvy people and youngsters because of his senile believes. Internet filtering, Facebook, e-mail negative comments have all been given brickbats from everyone. In fact, since Rais personally refused to sign the additional funding for Namewee's Nasi Lemak 2.0, Namewee had to do and film his movie in less than 1 million and in 3 weeks. Were there were additional funding, there would be more time and utilities to do the film properly.

How senile can he be? 

This screenshot shows the trend of people whacking Rais Yatim kingdom come. In other words? It's a "middle finger" for the old man. Some of my friends do went further and suggested that the bugger dropped from the cabinet post. Hey, everyone calls him a dinosaur. Even many of us see the picture of him of the "apologist" manner to Pak Lah a few years ago.

Actually, you can use common sense. It's just to tell everyone of the responsibility to vote. Secondly, if it is going to be PR-partisan, they won't have call Wee Ka Siong or Rosnah or Ku Li to be in the video. If Rais says anti-BN, then maybe he got it wrong. Does he really mean that to have people kept in the dark of the right can vote and not having the knowledge to do so? Sounds like "membodohkan orang Malaysia" ain't it so?

The numbers of people in response to his statement can keep on swelling and swelling. Perhaps he could end up in the same fate as Zainuddin Maidin sometime later.

"And I find this god damn arrogance offensive." (a tweet of him)


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