Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hudud: Socially and Mathematically Impossible

Nik Aziz's talk about hudud laws have sparked another round of fear mongering among Malaysians. It has already given PAS's arch rivals UMNO the ammunition to whack PAS kingdom come. This is exactly how PAS got whacked badly in the 2004 general elections.

DAP has made it clear that hudud was never in the CPF and threatened to quit en masse to show their vocal disagreement on implementing.

Some in PAS admitted that it's almost impossible. But the youth wings are showing hints of persisting.

IMHO, this is socially and mathematically impossible.

The people, non-Muslims in particular could not take it at this point of time. Two sets of laws, one based on the British-style common law and the Syariah law can sometimes confuse them.

You only need to look at the custody cases where a child is converted to a Muslim without the consent of the other as the case in point. Lina Joy's case is also another no no where two sets of laws govern them.

The other is by mathematical means. A pity and ignorance of the people still do not know that it is still mathematically impossible.

I've said it before, Pete has said it before, that you need at least 148 MPs to amend the constitution to use and implement hudud laws. But can PAS have 148 MP by themselves? PAS only contests up to 60 parliamentary seats, which is event less than 1/3 of the present total of 222 seats.

Even if they have the numbers, their partners would say no for the sake of other people.

I always have the mathematical believe that it's not likely to be implemented nationwide.

Tarek Fatah previously said that there is a distinction of Islam as faith along with other religions and Islamism as a political ideology where anything that do not conform to the desired view means must be destroyed / removed, particularly the western ideology.

This is the fear that many people would perceive in the present scenario with the scenario of the freedom of practicing faiths being trampled. Along the way, Pakatan Rakyat has conceded one to two goals on this. How can they catch up in the battle of perception on people?

There's no need to go further than seeing this in social / common sense perspective.

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