Friday, September 23, 2011

UMNO's Self-Caused Comedic Errors

I found it funny that after Mat Sabu raised his point on the Bukit Kepong, that UMNO started hopping like a mad man or like an old man as if there's another Cold War coming in again. But it is already past 20 years since the fall of communism and the end of the Cold War. The fall of communism marked the end of history, as what Francis Fukuyama declared in 1992, meaning that fascism as harken back to the days of Nazis and the Mussolini period of Italy is already over.
A few weeks ago, I have written a summary of Tarek Fatah's speech in Toronto, in which I highlighted two points below:
"2. Communism was destroyed in the battle of ideas. It took 4 decades by the year 1990 and 2000 communism was wiped out, the gulags were finished, people Russians found the freedom today to live under a different form of what is regard as a separate story. But we destroyed communism without firing a bullet.

3. Today we're fighting another idea of "fascism"that has shut our mouths and you can't speak because we're too scared that someone would turn around and calls us a racist. "
This is the problem we are facing right now in the context of Mat Sabu's highlight of the Bukit Kepong incident. Hardliners and conservatives in the ruling parties and NGOs have threatened to shut our mouths just because we have a different point of view, way of interpretation and believes. Compulsion is what is evident here - to force people to accept their version of events, history and to threaten those who have second thoughts or questions that raised from vague information. 
I find it stupid to accuse a person of defaming a dead person. The pirates do have the saying of "dead man tell no tales", unless UMNO is able to communicate with the dead people by having the ability to speak to them or speak through God, in which is already over the top and illogical in thinking sense. Bringing out new information should have instead spark a series of discussions, debates, re-examining the histories that would distill more evidence and proper conclusion to the new theories brought.
For example, new theories of Mozart's death in December 1791 have sparked off debates and discussions, which is proper, instead of bashing people with different opinions left and right. With recorded testimonies and journals of Mozart's next-to-kin, (e.g, his wife Constanze) and statistics of diseases happened at that time, the conclusion came was much different to what was written in the official medical records at the time of Mozart's death. Mozart was found to be suffering from the "Wassersucht" disease (was called that in Austria).

In light of such incident, Waythamoorthy has offered to assist Mat Sabu of the declassified documents from English archives (in London) to establish information that colonial British government had actually armed the communists to engage in an armed conflict with the Japanese during World War II and had turned against the communists and banned the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM).This, he said, forced the CPM leaders and members to go underground and launch an independence war against the British. If that is the case, then why is there MPAJA (anti-Japanese army) movement mentioned in our history textbooks?

Most people who made the allegation at Mat Sabu are many who still has the Cold War mentality. Such error is equivalent to what is describe as bringing back the ghosts and specters of the past. These are just one part of the total comedy of errors committed. You see this the problem of people who read distorted history and never bother to read or differentiate further. Perhaps the compulsion of having UMNO's version of history shoved in the syllabus could be why most simpletons would say such thing now.
The other one? It's on the AG and the print media called Utusan. An ex-judge said this below:

Why are the police and the Attorney-General so concerned?” “Utusan Malaysia has written many defamatory things in the past and yet no action has been taken against it. That speaks for itself.” Sounds like Utusan and UMNO instructing the court to charge Mat Sabu for something that is nonsensical right?

This whole thing is a like a bear devoted to its master. If a fly lands on the owner's cheek whilst he's sleeping, the bear would slap it. Of course the fly is killed but the masters' face is damaged by the bear's attack. In this case, Najib's pledge of reform and not accusing people of different ideology on the night of 15 September got a slap in the face by the AG! And since the AG has been noted of making unnecessary calls including appeal over something that can't much be generated, isn't it supposedly that AG be separated from the prosecutor's office? 

My friend used to say "more rope for them to hang themselves" or "shock sendiri" so there's plenty of comedic errors to be noticed there...apart from the funny skits of "cops in twitterverse..."

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