Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It's Nothing New. It's A Fallback.

Rethinking the slew of Malaysia day measures announced by Najib, the first thing that came across my mind was that Najib should have done it as soon as he took over office, not to leave it until late and after 2 1/2 years to say to do away with it. Pretty slow was the adjective I wanted to say it out as my one-word comment.

Well, I've been in the writing block lately, can't even put a 500-word posting as to per my norms. This at least could be the reason why I've been slow and not even write posts on the day to day basis. 

The slew of first-step reforms that Najib announced was nothing really new. I always have the certain reason to believe that it's a fallback for Najib. There have been plots, internally within UMNO to have him kicked out and the Mahathir faction is definitely the source behind it. His number 2 was found to be doing things the complete opposite of what of his intention. Sure, you do not see this in the public eye, in privately and internally, yes. And should the day comes when Najib is out via party elections or otherwise, the goal of getting middle-class support and those on the fence would be the cushion and the fallback step for Najib.

And just the last few days, it's the unveiling of the Mr. Cool attitude Najib. A picture of moderation, and a visit to top radio stations to get support from the urban audiences on radio, and those thing; I keep hearing a repeat of the opening bars of having a image consultants to really improve the shape and image of Najib. And of course I read of a familiar name in PR and APCO - the Staedlen fellow and those who shaped up Tony Blair's image - it's just the same thing except new faces. The other two PR companies had to be moved out because of prolong accusation from the opposition and those who have started making second doubt voices about it.

I sincerely have second doubts to see the Mr. Cool attitude our PM. I am sure that the abolish ISA subject has met the opposition of those who wanted it still. But it demonstrates one thing: - immaturity and the unwillingness to move on with the current 21st century setting of those people. If someone were to ask whether Ibrahim Ali is also included in the "immatures" group, then unfortunately - yes.

The announcement is actually incomplete. There are still pre-Merdeka laws that have yet to be removed: Sedition act for instance. I did say before that Britain has already removed the act at the start of 2010. Then what about the other emergencies like 1969? It's 42 years already. Not likely to happen anymore with the power of Internet. If used for good, we can ascertain whether if those rumors spread on the street are true or not.

There's nothing new or something to be cheered upon, if you really look carefully from the whole picture. Najib's announcement was overdue by 2.5 years already. I've heard of the things promised on the fateful night of April 2009, when he took over the PM's post from Pak Lah and there was nothing to be excited about. 

What will to the plans and programs laid by the present government if they are kicked out by the opposition in general elections? Chances are 80 percent that you can't just cancel outright, but at least there is a need to scrutinize what is done so far before taking the next action.

Whatever the thing happens now, it's a matter of time before more of the bickering, not just in PR that the media is highlighting about, but within BN that will be unfolded by its own accord.

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