Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bedol: Violating His Own Tenets

December 9 was considered as a masterstroke day for Abdullah Badawi. To some, it is considered as witch-hunting day. The Bolehland government has become nothing than other the Church, hearken in the medieval times of Europe, hunting down on unbelievers and innocents whom they just suspected of witchcraft.

Taking a queue from Jeff, the connection to above is like: 31 people arrested from HINDRAF rally, 9 lawyers and activists arrested from Sunday's Lawyer's Walk for Freedom, 17 people from the BERSIH rally. All were charged personally by the Attorney-General himself.

You can cut the crap of whatever you want to say, Bedol.

In less than two months following the three protests, the police on behalf of him had committed a cardinal sin three times of bullying the people who are out there to voice out their opinions if they cannot speak personally.

Now let's look back at the tenets of his own Civilization Islam (Islam Hadhari):
  • Faith and piety in Allah
  • Just and trustworthy government
  • Freedom and independence to the people
  • Mastery of knowledge
  • Balanced and comprehensive economic development
  • Good quality of life for all
  • Protection of the rights of minority groups and women
  • Cultural and moral integrity
  • Protection of the environment
  • A strong defence policy
In the three rallies, the so called Grand Imam of Islam Hadhari had violated the keymost principle of his tenet: Freedom and Independence to the People. The reaction to the HINDRAF rally shows that he had violated another principle: Protection of the rights of minority groups and women.

Another violation of tenets committed by the Imam himself is about the Balanced and Comprehensive Economic Development. The NEP is still affecting everyone badly including the Malays themselves and the wealth is not given to all but to the select few. Mismanagement by the government over the Petronas subsidy resulted in a potential oil price hike to $2.35 per liter coming next year.

I am aware today that BERSIH wants to submit a memo stop the debating that allows extension of the EC Chairman to 66. True. But the police instead wanted a restraining order (from Malaysiakini) against the people who are thinking right about not getting the election rigged to the favor of the Blue Wave. When I was a kid, I often assume that BN is good and Opposition is bad. But now, I had a different opinion and realized how people are being mislead by their ownership of the mainstream media, I think that for one time, the Blue Wave Nazi is just like another Galactic Empire.

The police didn't even use common sense in seeking a restraining order. They think that the BERSIH guys are those who are violent akin to the gangs arrested in Operation Kantas Kenyalang in Sarawak. Come on, those guys don't carry weapons. Why do you want to do that if you want to submit a memo and that's it?

Supposed if there is another rally in the next month or so. The turnover is at 200 thousand, 4-5 times more than usual. And there are only 4000 policemen there, how are they going to arrest everyone if they simply decide that whoever walks to there is liable for an arrest. The prison cells around the country cannot hold that much even for those who feel that they are doing the right thing. Yes, Hadi was saying, Malaysia is not a democratic state, but a police state.

I take this quote from Thomas Paine in his essay, Common Sense:

Ye that tell us of harmony and reconciliation, can ye restore to us the time that is past? Can ye give to prostitution its former innocence? Neither can ye reconcile Britain and America. The last cord now is broken, the people of England are presenting addresses against us. There are injuries which nature cannot forgive; she would cease to be nature if she did. As well can the lover forgive the ravisher of his mistress, as the continent forgive the murders of Britain. The Almighty hath implanted in us these inextinguishable feelings for good and wise purposes. They are the guardians of his image in our hearts. They distinguish us from the herd of common animals. The social compact would dissolve, and justice be extirpated the earth, of have only a casual existence were we callous to the touches of affection. The robber and the murderer, would often escape unpunished, did not the injuries which our tempers sustain, provoke us into justice.

There are people stupid enough to follow the misleads and lies. To call a professional body as a coward, a repetitive word used by the Village Idiot shows that he learns totally nothing instead of doing some fact finding thing. Having some guy like this as the de facto Law Minister isn't right. In fact he isn't right.

There is also a possibility that there are "extremist eunuchs" in the government who might feed lies to the top brass like Abdullah and Musa. And this goes to their press. Hence, it is a trick to get support to build the use of the ISA against anybody. Look, the mainstream media editorials especially Kali's NST is at the affirmative for the use of ISA!

The thing is Bedol is dismantling his own government mechanism. He is not what people seems of him. They used to call him Mr. Clean, Mr. Nice, but it is the other way round. There are people trying to cling on to power even though they are judged to be wrong and unworthy. They can try arresting 200 thousand people who are doing the right thing, but the problem will happened when it comes to the election. The village idiot suggested that the BAR become a political party...heh. Bedol says people need him longer...CRAP! EC Man Rashid admitted that the BN regime is needed...that's going to be the turning point of BN losing much in next election.
"I want everyone to remember why they *need* us!" - Sutler, V for Vendetta
Yes, people are now angered with how the police and the government stamping on the freedom of expression. They are also angered that the quality of life is going downwards because of the impending oil increases. They earn 5 times lower than Singaporeans do. Don't forget that there are people who loved the nation so much that they are willing to spill the beans that represents the hegemonic and the bad side of Malaysia to the worldwide press.

The bottom line? DO NOT *FUCK* WITH US. If the BN politicians lose in the next election, don't come blaming at us, Bedol for not picking them. It's simply because of the many mistakes that you and idiots alike have committed.

You think we bloggers are lying? Go ahead, I dare you to say that we are lying. Bloggers do this, bloggers do that.... Then repeat that again. These guys are one step backwards!

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