Friday, December 14, 2007

Judicial Crisis Scoreline: People 2 Government 2

Note: This post was supposedly up yesterday night, but since Malaysiakini got jammed due to too much traffic, I won't be able to get much more sources from there, so you may to check there for yourself.


I guess it's time to update the scoreline of the current judiciary crisis in Malaysia.

It's clear that the government is trying to keep the system as of it is after the 1988 sacking of Salleh Abas - rigging the game to their favor.

First goal:

It came by surprise and shock that Haidar Noor, who led the probe panel in October was appointed the head of the royal commission. To many, as Lim Kit Siang stated that Haidar is an unacceptable choice because of his direct involvement in the Salleh Abbas sacking. I thought the commission shouldn't have the same people as those involved in the panel including Mahadev Shankar.

You called that a balanced team, Nazri? I have doubts for if the commission finds that there is nothing wrong with the Lingam tape, which possibly does not cover V.K's brother, then everything goes poof. We could be witnessing another L.A Riots 1992 style here.

Second goal:

You all know Zaki's appointment. It creates two problems in the future. One is that being the most junior judge being elevated to the number two position shows that there is something wrong with the promotion system. Shouldn't those who had senior experience and bi-partisan get the posting? Let's look at Alauddin Sheriff or Hisham Yunus. They handled the most complicated cases and they were never elevated! Something's wrong! Second is that, he was a advisor to UMNO, meaning that I am concern that if he handles cases involving politicians, the case will go to their favor, even if they are guilty!

The real cancer is the head, I mean all decisions are made by Bedol, right? You know what to do.

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