Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Must Have Gadgets of 2008

I have to admit that I am a tech gadget freak. Yes, there are things that are deemed cool in the market that I want to get. Some things I want to get my hands on the next time I have a permanent home of myself.

Hardware Zone, a favorite tech portal of mine, catering for South East Asia has released a list of top products of 2007, some are the my wish list.

I will split between gadgets and PC components. After all, it is due time for me to upgrade one. So, suppose if I am given about $20000 USD, what will I want?

1. Nokia N95 8GB - This is one heck of a phone! I felt that I was right not to get a N93 for there could be a better model than that. My friend told me that the first batch of N93s had glitch where video recording and playbacks hang sometimes. The N95 fixes it and it has a better camera size and it has the HSDPA thing, which makes things easier the next time I want to use a wireless Internet connection without using Streamyx. Another alternative would be the 6500 model, which I kind of like it's slider version.

2. Nikon DSLR D40X - I remembered D40 has 6.1 MP but X has 10 MPS and they say that this model is a tie or equivalent of Canon's E400 DSLR. But I admit that the price that they offered is quite good. Currently, the price of the body plus a 55mm lens and 2GB card kit is at $2400. What I like is that of lenses. You see for those who do not know, Panavision's E-Series lenses has a good contrast and color because it uses Nikon glass. If you get a 135mm lens package, you can should beautiful close ups. I am more of a fan of telephoto lenses, so this is part of the list. ISO is better, meaning that I can push a standard high speed stock up by two stops.

3. The Sony Bravia-X series 46-inch. In the last six months, Sony remains at the top of the ranking of HD television sets. Toshiba and Hitachi are behind. Even though Hitachi has produced a new HD TV set this year, but Sony still wins hands down. The W series is also an alternative is cost is a problem.

4. LG-BH100 There has been a indecision over whether to buy a Blu-Ray player like Sony or a HD-DVD player like Toshiba. See, Paramount only released titles in DVD and HD-DVD format, not in Blu-Ray. But then, I was told by my friend that LG has released a beta-version hybrid player that will play both formats. There are still bugs though, so I thought I would wait longer.

I knew that my brother is starting a graphics design course in February so he will need a notebook that he can carry that contains graphics processing capabilities. Should I get him a gaming notebook? Or something that will fit his needs.

I think Asus G2S fits the bill, but it could be quite expensive. Maybe G1s is more appropriate.

Next: My hardware picks for a decent gaming machine!

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