Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Mamak! Second Calling....

Seems like Mr. Maidin never learned from the criticism that most people conveyed to him.

On Sunday, the Mamak of Merbok criticized the Bar Council for planning to hold a march to commemorate the World Human Rights day. Today, as in Bernama, he said that HINDRAF is not qualified to meet Abdullah Badawi. This was indeed based on the Star article that HINDRAF would like to meet PM in person. Read this words carefully: IN PERSON.

A mamak is easy to be defined as (part Muslim and part Hindu) Anyone being on the group should be able to look from the perspective of an Hindu. It is a privilege to see the heritages of both sides, shouldn't it be?

The statement contrasts what Abdullah Badawi said on Sunday: "I listen. The PM has big ears."

Well, if Bedol wants to listen, yes, that will not be a problem. But with the kind of information gatekeeper at helm of the Malaysian media, Malaysia can never recover from the drop in the RFS rankings.

Do you want the RFS rankings to plunge again?

I once said of an article entitled "Why Muslims are So Powerless" whereby the main reason is because of the level of education between them and the non-Muslims. With the kind of government that tends to use favoritism and Malay flavor preference (called as Affirmative Action) not Reward-On-Meritocracy, we can never try to reach a GDP of 8 percent or even have a fair treatment for 10 million of Malaysians.

So as for this man, the antics and his half-past six views is pissing many people off and counting more. Fight fire with fire? Try ticking him off with Malaysiakini? I don't think that repeating the magic word would be enough. If I am a commissar, I would be shooting that man ON SIGHT because he is walking one step backwards.

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  1. Well said. Look what kind of low mentality ministers we have in this country.
    That mamak can't even speak proper english during interview with al-jazeera. May be SRP holder or failed his english.
    is he mahathir's product? coz mahathir is another 'kaka'.


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