Monday, December 24, 2007

Malaysian Delicacy Health Advisory Warning

I thought this was a sick joke or something, but when I read through an interesting piece of read that my father told me about, I started to ask myself whether Malaysian delicacies here are something that should not be taken so often.

Hell, I was wondering whether the Health Ministry, ran by my friend's ex-neighbor in Batu Pahat should issue an advisory warning over eating this kind of food.

This piece of health info made me wonder whether the ruling of mandatory offering of nasi lemak and roti canai in the hotels for morning breakfast is to be questioned or not. I'm not sure who's fault is it to introduce such rules....

First thing is about roti canai. Sometimes, it is a favorite of some people who want to have a different taste of Indian breakfast. If you are exercising, don't eat roti canai after exercise. You gain nothing.

Why? The main reason is of the oil content absorbed when it is cooked on the heating pan. Secondly, an interesting fact is that the amount of calories it contains is equivalent to the amount of calories you lose if you perform a 5km jog or run. That amount of calories is seen in just one piece of roti canai.

As an alternative, you would go for the capati as for breakfast. It has less calories than a roti canai does. Some guy doing Sports Science in UPM said that if we eat a piece of roti canai everyday starting from the age of 20, there is a high probability we would not go beyond 55.

Number 2: Nasi Lemak is the mandatory thing seen in morning breakfast or at hotels. But not many people know that it is fattening given that the rice has coconut milk content. If you ask someone of the age who is above 80 and still going on, there is a probability that they hardly or never eat nasi lemak. Try asking Royal Professor Ungku Aziz and he'll say that!

I think it is time for some of us and those who really love those two food and rendang to start thinking again on eating those kind of food, given of high oil content.

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