Monday, December 10, 2007

There Is No Underground Group!

Watch this first before continuing:

Look carefully at the two following pictures. These are the heads of groups starting the ruckus.

The BAR Council is slamming the police over being a bully and starting the ruckus. As of last night around 10 p.m, there was a road block right in front of the junction at Jalan Pahang. That explained why there was a massive traffic jam at that road. Just because of the directive of one superior that sparks the problem.

Later on, as in Malaysiakini the police went to arrest the heads of the BERSIH rally.

I can surmise that those guys above intended to start the trouble in the name of LAW.

The BAR Council is no underground group. It is an organization comprised of lawyers, people with intellect and great knowledge of the Federal Constitution and Law. The actions of the police and DBKL had directly contradicting the Third Principle of RukunNegara: Keluhuran Pelembagaan - meaning, that the Constitution is directly above the law.

The mainstream media articles had some inconsistencies, namely about the turnover of people. It is 100, not 50 as many perceived. Bedol's remark shows that there's is not much of truth of what he says. It is said that the BAR will be having a meeting tomorrow to sue the DBKL for the mess. So this means that the man above on behalf of DBKL, is causing DBKL to be forking out money in compensation. Be prepared to pay for the damages.

And now, Bedol has reared his real head rather than the false promises he made back in 2003. Here's one very kind of "intimidating feel" title news from the NST with the sort of threat of using the ISA. Here's the way he said "Saya Pantang Dicabar" as at last month's UMNO assembly.

- Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Let us remind ourselves that we hold the balls of politicians. We decide who we want in to run the nation by elections. They have forgotten that the people they are after here in the rally are sometimes people that they have to depend on. We are people who cook their meals, we are people who haul their trashes, we are people who would connect their phone calls, and sometimes we can be people who watch over them while they are asleep. The government's hand is too heavy on the people. When that happens, people will turn against them not because they WANT but they are FORCED to do so.

All in the end, the government will have to fork out millions of ringgit again as compensation for the mess that they created by themselves...

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