Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Imaginarium of Ibrahim Ali

Author's note: This is the first posting to be written via the iPad way.

Ibrahim Ali has been making headlines, foolish statements and embarrassing himself over the past few weeks with many wild allegations and fever dream statements. It was about 3 weeks ago that when he made the imaginary enchanted dagger statement. It was very very funny to hear a ranting madman with wild delusions said that while many of us have accepted the reality that mythical objects like the Excalibur are just myths and not a real fact.

Braheng's Imaginarium not only consist that selection above but instead contains relics of the Cold War mindset. Maybe there are a few in the world who apart from him who still has the Cold War mindset. By right, that kind of mindset was already gone more than 20 years ago right? Isn't the fall of communism in 1990 means that the people can move on with the new way of thinking instead of sticking in there? The statement that "Malays lose power or Malays will be left out" is still the same root but variant branch of the Cold War mindset apart from the Communist thing that was already gone in Malaysia over the last 50 years.

No doubt this Jaguh Kampung's figment of imagination has already stirred up a lot of the butter boys (kaki bodek) and apologists from BN in pursuing things that are really non-existent. Take for instance of when Bersih announced of doing it's 9 July protest, he was the first one apart from Muhyiddin Yassin to make a wild allegations that it would be another 13 May problem when there's modern technology to relay information that there's not going to be another bloodbath. What is actually true is that the bloodbath thinking and who did it was originally started by the hardcore UMNO people themselves! It's pretty hard to understand the perverse logic of having protests. There are many who foolishly say it's Anwar's fault, Anwar Ibrahim's this and that whereas the real motive behind it is that people have started to realize the rights of a citizen bestowed upon them by the Supreme law of the land - the Constitution of course.

The reality is that a man has the right to know, the right to ask anything when in doubt and it is a job of other persons to clarify a person's questions whenever possible, not to put out a brick and a direct full stop without answering a question to an inquisitive person like that Christian pastor. In fact this is identitcal to the people product of the present education system: they were never taught to think, be curious and asking things but instead were told things are written on stone and cannot be questioned. Does that mean in our view that a normal person can recruit God and speak in his name although it is debatable. Is it taking credit of speaking with name of God a big thing that cannot be questioned apart from the prophets recognized in the major religious books?

If there is one thing I recalled from Malaysia Today 3 weeks ago was this:

Ibrahim Ali and those of his ilk need to come into the modern world. They have to extricate themselves from this imaginary world of Hang Tuah and Taming Sari and all that bullshit. The English do not live in the world of King Arthur and Excalibur. It is time the Malays did the same.

It's true that he's ranting like a madman who believes of end of days or bad things to happen only to find out that nothing really happened. Funny to believe that he being an American university graduate to see him talk shit and act with a before 1990s mentality. If you look back at the Kampung Baru video in June featuring him, his speech gets too emotional barely less than 5 minutes of speaking in the public. Apart from hating people like him, I find it very cynical to say that these madmen deserve to lose millions of dollars to a poker game and shitting themselves in front of the public right now.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012

As I will be unavailable until after 27, I would like to wish friends, family Christmas greetings.

This post has is set to post at the time below, so while this was writing, I was leaving for holidays.


Monday, December 19, 2011

Jangan Takut / Don't Be Afraid.

I was busy on Saturday and I was tuning in to the student demonstrations on the Twitter networks. At the end of the day, I happened to find out that there were few students lowering najib's flag at UMNO headquarters and replacing it with the Bebas flag. The image below was a daring thing to do. A revolutionary thing to do, not the those that Najib claimed to say recently.

There have been claims from UMNO Youth (you can see Arman and Reezal in the video below) that the students insulted Najib but it can be two ways to answer: one is that they are unintentional or this means that many people now don't really like Najib nor respect him anymore.

When Arman said that "of spitting at the undergraduates", I thought wow, these fellow there are more of a mob group behavior, as what UMNO is right now. But if we are not to be afraid of these groups then, there is a big chance Malaysia will change to the better future.

Last Thursday at the ABU event in Gombak, Haris was on the stage telling people "not to be afraid of them", in order to bury UMNO and BN. That's the answer to the problem and overcoming fear. And it's the way these people will panic around is what I would love to see.

Jangan takut kepada UMNO. Jangan takut pada Barisan. Berganding bahu. Kuburkan UMNO dan BN!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

LIVE: #PA2011 Debate Edmund Bon vs Tan Keng Liang

This started from a tweet suggestion and it became an event. At 2 pm today, it will be lawyer vs lawyer. LoyarBurok's Edmund Bon will be debating with Kedah Gerakan Youth Chief Tan Keng Liang over the controversial Peaceful Assembly bill 2011.

As already known, Keng Liang is a proponent of the bill while Edmund is against it. Moderating this event will be Wan Saiful Jan from IDEAS. The event will start between 2 to 2.30 pm.

Since this will be live from the event location, please watch this space as we will go live at around 1.45 pm.

For those who are using RSS feeds, use this link

Blame Ourselves For The Mistakes We Made

The following excerpt was what the late Tunku Abdul Rahman said in 1988.

"Janganlah ikut apa yang didakyahkan oleh pihak pemerintah hari ini di serata-rata kampung yang mereka pergi membawa berbagai-bagai dakyah segala-galanya apa yang mereka buat mesti turut. Fikirlah sendirilah betul atau tidak betul perbuatan mereka itu. Jangan ikut mereka begitu sahaja, gunalah akal gunakan fikiran. Apa yang berlaku yang baik mereka semua buat, yang tak baik pihak lawan semua buat dan apa yang mereka buat tak baik mereka sorokkan dan buruk salah atas orang-orang lain yang menentang mereka. Jadi inilah keadaan yang berlaku pada hari ini. Akhbar-akhbar tidak ada suara. Suruh akhbar tegur, perbuatan ini ditutupkan. Jadi sini tunjuk pihak orang yang menentang mereka itu tak nak bersuara langsung, segala-galanya diperintah oleh kerajaan hari ini. Jadi sesiapa yang memegang kuasa di negeri ini ialah rakyat jelata sekalian. Jadi kalau tak timbang apa yang sebenarnya dan mengunakan akal fikiran untuk menimbang satu perkara tersebut itu saja, negeri ini akan rosak. Kalau rakyat boleh faham segala-galanya itu pada akhirnya mengundi di tangan rakyat"

What does this mean above? This really shows that we have forgotten ourselves that we have to think, not blindly follow what the government of the day will say, even if they are wrong. This is the problem that many of us have failed to acknowledge. That we often submit that their word is authentic, true and cannot be questioned. 

What we are not aware of is that the mistakes that they do would be hidden and fingered it on the those who opposed or stood up to correct what is wrong. For instance, in Bersih, NGOs and civil societies have pointed out mistakes that were ignored by the government of the day. Ignorance and self-denial have forced them to go out in protest to make the point. And to harsh police actions are meant to cover up their mistakes.

The 13th general election is considered the mother of all elections in Malaysia. There is a spectre of whack looming over UMNO and they will attempt to bank on the naive and the Malay votes as the main key to retain their power. But having seen all the wrongdoings and the misery we suffer from inflation, price increments, etc..aren't we suppose to do the right thing of kicking out those who have been squeezing our money for their own whim? 
Yes, we will be tempted by them to give them another 5 years, but if we are stupid to cow before them, then we should blame ourselves for the mistakes we made when we see more suffering for the wrong choice we made, not listening to Najib's statement of making the wrong choice of not voting BN. After all, it's proven that they have been involved of tons of wrongdoing for the past 30 years or so, right? And there are people who are still unwilling to believe of what is happening and will continuously support the corrupt party. But what happens when Malaysia is in disaster but the government of the day still remains that party? What and how will they answer?

Which is why going back to what Tunku said in 1988 is worthwhile to remember that we have forgotten things easily. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Malays Decides The Nation's Fate

Because Malays form at least 60 percent of the total 28 million Malaysians, the bulk of the votes will decide the fate of the nation in the next 50 years or so. The following comments taken from Malaysiakini's Your say segment says it all:

PM: Malays in peril if Pakatan rules

Cloudnine: For years Umno had promoted the narrow financial and corrupt interests of the few leaders from Mahathir onwards to Badawi and now to Najib. Knowing their weaknesses, they pretended to promote the interests of the Malays, throwing the crumbs every now and then and the Malays fall for the same trick over and over. At the same time, they are robbing and plundering the nation's coffers.

Now they cry the same cry - calling on the Malays to unite to protect their own interests. Khairy let slip that Umno needs power to protect the nikmat. Ha ha ha. See, the real objective here is to protect the nikmat of the elite ruling families. It's a very small family. Najib came from Tun Abd Razak. Hishamuddin from Hussein Onn. Both Najib and Hisham are related.

Then there is Mahathir, who is keen to prop up his son Mukhriz. Khairy is the son-in-law of Badawi. Same game played by same few families.

Bluemountains: Getting the troops ready for a showdown? Come what may, it is ABU (anything but Umno).

P Dev Anand Pillai: So what this PM is telling the Malays is that their future only lies in the hand of Umno and only Umno knows what is best for the Malays. So, whether they are corrupt or not is not an issue, whether they cheat and plunder is not an issue, the only issue is that no other concern can rule this country except Umno!

So if the Malays buy this crap, they will be doomed for the next 54 years. If nothing else works, the herd and siege mentality, which they keep deeply embedded, will be unleashed to threaten the non-Malays. This time, we will not be bullied into submission. We are ready and waiting. Come rain or storm, we will vote.

fairplayer: Dear Malaysian Malays, it is now in your power to choose Umno or Pakatan... the fate of Malaysia is in your hands...

Sadirah: The sheer desperation. Where is the intellectual honesty? Saying different things to different people, all for the cause of votes. A fragmented and confused mind that does not have the capacity to really understand what ‘1Malaysia' means. For him it is merely a slogan towards an end - winning the forthcoming elections. Can we trust such a leader who is all things to all people and has no substance of value to Malaysians?

He and Umno do not need to represent the Malays. There are many Malaysians who will ensure that their deepest aspirations will be met, Malaysians who are not racist but guided by equity and fairness. The Malays will themselves see through such drama.

ranjit singh: Malays have never been in peril. If so, how come we, the non-Malays, have condoned everything Umno had done to enhance this race and hoodwink the rest of us with their mandores for the last 54 years to serve only Umno? It is only Umno that is in peril. Malays and non Malays have lived side by side to enhance each other, for Malays or non-Malays will not harm one another because we are Malaysians.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Chegubard Pwns Pontian Maslan!

Malays would lose power if Pakatan Rakyat (PR) won more seats in the next general election - Ahmad Maslan

Even way before Ahmad Maslan says such rhetoric and illogical statements, this video by Chegubard (recorded in Penang on 12 June 2011) dispels such notion. There is no such thing as Malays losing power, only UMNO will. Simple, there are 18 million of total 28 million Malaysians are Malays and you can't simply amend the constitution alone.

Thus, Chegubard pwns Pontian Maslan!


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