Monday, December 19, 2011

Jangan Takut / Don't Be Afraid.

I was busy on Saturday and I was tuning in to the student demonstrations on the Twitter networks. At the end of the day, I happened to find out that there were few students lowering najib's flag at UMNO headquarters and replacing it with the Bebas flag. The image below was a daring thing to do. A revolutionary thing to do, not the those that Najib claimed to say recently.

There have been claims from UMNO Youth (you can see Arman and Reezal in the video below) that the students insulted Najib but it can be two ways to answer: one is that they are unintentional or this means that many people now don't really like Najib nor respect him anymore.

When Arman said that "of spitting at the undergraduates", I thought wow, these fellow there are more of a mob group behavior, as what UMNO is right now. But if we are not to be afraid of these groups then, there is a big chance Malaysia will change to the better future.

Last Thursday at the ABU event in Gombak, Haris was on the stage telling people "not to be afraid of them", in order to bury UMNO and BN. That's the answer to the problem and overcoming fear. And it's the way these people will panic around is what I would love to see.

Jangan takut kepada UMNO. Jangan takut pada Barisan. Berganding bahu. Kuburkan UMNO dan BN!

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