Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Malays Decides The Nation's Fate

Because Malays form at least 60 percent of the total 28 million Malaysians, the bulk of the votes will decide the fate of the nation in the next 50 years or so. The following comments taken from Malaysiakini's Your say segment says it all:

PM: Malays in peril if Pakatan rules

Cloudnine: For years Umno had promoted the narrow financial and corrupt interests of the few leaders from Mahathir onwards to Badawi and now to Najib. Knowing their weaknesses, they pretended to promote the interests of the Malays, throwing the crumbs every now and then and the Malays fall for the same trick over and over. At the same time, they are robbing and plundering the nation's coffers.

Now they cry the same cry - calling on the Malays to unite to protect their own interests. Khairy let slip that Umno needs power to protect the nikmat. Ha ha ha. See, the real objective here is to protect the nikmat of the elite ruling families. It's a very small family. Najib came from Tun Abd Razak. Hishamuddin from Hussein Onn. Both Najib and Hisham are related.

Then there is Mahathir, who is keen to prop up his son Mukhriz. Khairy is the son-in-law of Badawi. Same game played by same few families.

Bluemountains: Getting the troops ready for a showdown? Come what may, it is ABU (anything but Umno).

P Dev Anand Pillai: So what this PM is telling the Malays is that their future only lies in the hand of Umno and only Umno knows what is best for the Malays. So, whether they are corrupt or not is not an issue, whether they cheat and plunder is not an issue, the only issue is that no other concern can rule this country except Umno!

So if the Malays buy this crap, they will be doomed for the next 54 years. If nothing else works, the herd and siege mentality, which they keep deeply embedded, will be unleashed to threaten the non-Malays. This time, we will not be bullied into submission. We are ready and waiting. Come rain or storm, we will vote.

fairplayer: Dear Malaysian Malays, it is now in your power to choose Umno or Pakatan... the fate of Malaysia is in your hands...

Sadirah: The sheer desperation. Where is the intellectual honesty? Saying different things to different people, all for the cause of votes. A fragmented and confused mind that does not have the capacity to really understand what ‘1Malaysia' means. For him it is merely a slogan towards an end - winning the forthcoming elections. Can we trust such a leader who is all things to all people and has no substance of value to Malaysians?

He and Umno do not need to represent the Malays. There are many Malaysians who will ensure that their deepest aspirations will be met, Malaysians who are not racist but guided by equity and fairness. The Malays will themselves see through such drama.

ranjit singh: Malays have never been in peril. If so, how come we, the non-Malays, have condoned everything Umno had done to enhance this race and hoodwink the rest of us with their mandores for the last 54 years to serve only Umno? It is only Umno that is in peril. Malays and non Malays have lived side by side to enhance each other, for Malays or non-Malays will not harm one another because we are Malaysians.

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