Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blame Ourselves For The Mistakes We Made

The following excerpt was what the late Tunku Abdul Rahman said in 1988.

"Janganlah ikut apa yang didakyahkan oleh pihak pemerintah hari ini di serata-rata kampung yang mereka pergi membawa berbagai-bagai dakyah segala-galanya apa yang mereka buat mesti turut. Fikirlah sendirilah betul atau tidak betul perbuatan mereka itu. Jangan ikut mereka begitu sahaja, gunalah akal gunakan fikiran. Apa yang berlaku yang baik mereka semua buat, yang tak baik pihak lawan semua buat dan apa yang mereka buat tak baik mereka sorokkan dan buruk salah atas orang-orang lain yang menentang mereka. Jadi inilah keadaan yang berlaku pada hari ini. Akhbar-akhbar tidak ada suara. Suruh akhbar tegur, perbuatan ini ditutupkan. Jadi sini tunjuk pihak orang yang menentang mereka itu tak nak bersuara langsung, segala-galanya diperintah oleh kerajaan hari ini. Jadi sesiapa yang memegang kuasa di negeri ini ialah rakyat jelata sekalian. Jadi kalau tak timbang apa yang sebenarnya dan mengunakan akal fikiran untuk menimbang satu perkara tersebut itu saja, negeri ini akan rosak. Kalau rakyat boleh faham segala-galanya itu pada akhirnya mengundi di tangan rakyat"

What does this mean above? This really shows that we have forgotten ourselves that we have to think, not blindly follow what the government of the day will say, even if they are wrong. This is the problem that many of us have failed to acknowledge. That we often submit that their word is authentic, true and cannot be questioned. 

What we are not aware of is that the mistakes that they do would be hidden and fingered it on the those who opposed or stood up to correct what is wrong. For instance, in Bersih, NGOs and civil societies have pointed out mistakes that were ignored by the government of the day. Ignorance and self-denial have forced them to go out in protest to make the point. And to harsh police actions are meant to cover up their mistakes.

The 13th general election is considered the mother of all elections in Malaysia. There is a spectre of whack looming over UMNO and they will attempt to bank on the naive and the Malay votes as the main key to retain their power. But having seen all the wrongdoings and the misery we suffer from inflation, price increments, etc..aren't we suppose to do the right thing of kicking out those who have been squeezing our money for their own whim? 
Yes, we will be tempted by them to give them another 5 years, but if we are stupid to cow before them, then we should blame ourselves for the mistakes we made when we see more suffering for the wrong choice we made, not listening to Najib's statement of making the wrong choice of not voting BN. After all, it's proven that they have been involved of tons of wrongdoing for the past 30 years or so, right? And there are people who are still unwilling to believe of what is happening and will continuously support the corrupt party. But what happens when Malaysia is in disaster but the government of the day still remains that party? What and how will they answer?

Which is why going back to what Tunku said in 1988 is worthwhile to remember that we have forgotten things easily. 

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