Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Imaginarium of Ibrahim Ali

Author's note: This is the first posting to be written via the iPad way.

Ibrahim Ali has been making headlines, foolish statements and embarrassing himself over the past few weeks with many wild allegations and fever dream statements. It was about 3 weeks ago that when he made the imaginary enchanted dagger statement. It was very very funny to hear a ranting madman with wild delusions said that while many of us have accepted the reality that mythical objects like the Excalibur are just myths and not a real fact.

Braheng's Imaginarium not only consist that selection above but instead contains relics of the Cold War mindset. Maybe there are a few in the world who apart from him who still has the Cold War mindset. By right, that kind of mindset was already gone more than 20 years ago right? Isn't the fall of communism in 1990 means that the people can move on with the new way of thinking instead of sticking in there? The statement that "Malays lose power or Malays will be left out" is still the same root but variant branch of the Cold War mindset apart from the Communist thing that was already gone in Malaysia over the last 50 years.

No doubt this Jaguh Kampung's figment of imagination has already stirred up a lot of the butter boys (kaki bodek) and apologists from BN in pursuing things that are really non-existent. Take for instance of when Bersih announced of doing it's 9 July protest, he was the first one apart from Muhyiddin Yassin to make a wild allegations that it would be another 13 May problem when there's modern technology to relay information that there's not going to be another bloodbath. What is actually true is that the bloodbath thinking and who did it was originally started by the hardcore UMNO people themselves! It's pretty hard to understand the perverse logic of having protests. There are many who foolishly say it's Anwar's fault, Anwar Ibrahim's this and that whereas the real motive behind it is that people have started to realize the rights of a citizen bestowed upon them by the Supreme law of the land - the Constitution of course.

The reality is that a man has the right to know, the right to ask anything when in doubt and it is a job of other persons to clarify a person's questions whenever possible, not to put out a brick and a direct full stop without answering a question to an inquisitive person like that Christian pastor. In fact this is identitcal to the people product of the present education system: they were never taught to think, be curious and asking things but instead were told things are written on stone and cannot be questioned. Does that mean in our view that a normal person can recruit God and speak in his name although it is debatable. Is it taking credit of speaking with name of God a big thing that cannot be questioned apart from the prophets recognized in the major religious books?

If there is one thing I recalled from Malaysia Today 3 weeks ago was this:

Ibrahim Ali and those of his ilk need to come into the modern world. They have to extricate themselves from this imaginary world of Hang Tuah and Taming Sari and all that bullshit. The English do not live in the world of King Arthur and Excalibur. It is time the Malays did the same.

It's true that he's ranting like a madman who believes of end of days or bad things to happen only to find out that nothing really happened. Funny to believe that he being an American university graduate to see him talk shit and act with a before 1990s mentality. If you look back at the Kampung Baru video in June featuring him, his speech gets too emotional barely less than 5 minutes of speaking in the public. Apart from hating people like him, I find it very cynical to say that these madmen deserve to lose millions of dollars to a poker game and shitting themselves in front of the public right now.

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