Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bye Bye USD, Hello AMERO

The new currency unit called AMERO is likely to come in place of the USD next year.

First of all, don't presume that it's Mr. Chang that said it, but instead it is a top critic in US by the name of Hal Turner. He was right and even this Singapore guru Clemen Chiang also hit right that US economic meltdown turns real by summer 2009. Currently, the U.S has owed the world of $10 Trillion USD. The AMERO's first move is to make U.S bankrupt and force a merger with Canada and Mexico for its own survival. At that time, the value of the dollar could be devalued to the high margin of up to 90%, which makes petrol very cheap to buy and price shooting back up.

Current tax cuts policies in the U.S has resulted in U.S unable to pay back its debts even with interests. When the real collapse occurs, the international currency denominator is no longer USD but in Euros - which will be the end of the U.S economic system. On the moment the collapse happens, U.S can survive another two months max on fuel reserves before shortage of food - which leads to anarchy.

The AMERO unit is equivalent to the Euro with a combination of Mexican peso and the Canadian dollar. The AMERO if used is strongly backed by the Canadian system, since the Canadian banking system is the soundest in the world. If Canada is the soundest in the North America, then the Swiss Franc at before the Euro comes in is the strongest currency traded in Europe (excluding the Pound).

I don't have to elaborate further but what Mr. Turner said is almost similar to what Matthias says sometime back.

But it is usually the economy in the west has burst its bubble and many will ply trade in the east.

But a way to avoid this is to reboot the economy within the space of this eight months as what my friend Edmund commented. Read his posting here.

And now back to our local front. This is my umpteenth time to tell Najib and the Bolehland idiots to start selling USD away for good before people start screaming that BN is the mess of our national economy in the next six months time.

Fatwa On Yoga

Religious decree on yoga exercise? Over the reason of deviating Islamic teachings?

Sadly this is not like in Indonesia where although Islam is the official religion, people are free to practice their own faiths. You can see that some Indonesians, although they are born as a Muslim, they can go and practice Christianity. It is the flexibility factor that separates between Malaysia and Indonesia in terms of practicing faith. If you remember reading our own Federal Constitution, it did not say that a person can only practice that and so on. It does say that Islam is the official religion and it did say that a citizen is free to practice other faiths of their choosing.

Yoga, though it originated from India is a form of physical and mental exercise that helps improve control over body and mind. If there is a need of breath control and so on, this is one of the few known exercises that meets the needs. Can anyone provide some info of is there any exercises originated from Islam that teaches body and mind control? Will prayers alone suffice? Many acknowledged that yoga is one of the best stress buster measures known!

The goal of yoga is never intended to put people in discarding their faiths. Instead the context of yoga exercise, its aims are: to help put in a disciplined approach at achieving a goal AND for health purpose : controlling the body and mind better. To say that it is fatwa to do yoga is somewhat a little out of context. This yoga exercise is not forced on everyone. It is a intention or no intention thing.

If the papers are quoting this joker properly, I would think for sure that this Professor Zakaria Stapa of UKM should reevaluate the perception on yoga before saying it properly. Sometimes, if this issue is blown out of proportions, the other people are not going to take kindly to bigots who tend to control other faiths. Last week, it is fatwa for tomboy attitudes, this week it's yoga exercise, then what next week?

Can't that professor think beyond the box rather than pushing for this bullshit?

Even Marina has some rants on that!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Will It Happen Next Two Weeks?

A Pakatan Rakyat insider told the chinese daily Sin Chew that all Pakatan MPs are instructed not to leave abroad until further notice for the motion of no-confidence against Abdullah Badawi could happen in the space of two weeks.

Before leaving for Taiwan for the BBC visit, the (minimum 31) apparent 34 BN MPs had signed a sworn agreement in black and white that they will cross over to Pakatan.

On the cabinet posts, if the plan goes smoothly, the next Deputy Prime Minister would be Hadi Awang. The Home Ministry and the International Ministry posts would be filled by a Chinese. Lim Kit Siang's name is penciled for either of these two posts.

But then first of all, Pakatan will need to take care of potential people going out of control including Salehuddin Ayub who is still pushing for the 30 percent equity and Zul Nordin, of course his actions is an embarassment to Andersonians!

Some Swine Parking Operators

The Star Metro Central published two articles on parking woes in Klang Valley.

1. Read the first one on the problem in Section 16 PJ (near my old office) here.
2. The second piece examines why many people parked outside and not inside.

Yes, the woes happen because of insane parking rates. The cheapest flat rate parking service I went would be the one in Brickfields that charges RM3 whole day. Some charged up to RM 8 but you still get the same service as what you paid at RM 3.

Mathematically, if you charge very high for a lot that can keep 500 vehicles max at one time, you can get at not very much. But if you charge at a lesser rate, many people would come and park in and you do get a very decent revenue because of customer satisfaction. I believe that many operators do not look into this angle, the more people happy of the service and charge, the more people would come park in.

There are some companies that I remembered charging insane rates that would piss an average Joe off. From the name of companies, I see that it is high likely that it could be managed by a Bumiputra that gets a contract in a non-tender way.

If I am to charge two rates, one consistent rate per hour and one for early bird, particularly those who work from morning to evening, that would be good. Mid Valley parking is a model to be emulated. Imagine RM1 for three hours, isn't that a bang for a buck for those who are in the area for say three to four hours?

So here's a warning to those swine operators. You better do something before an average Joe finally snaps and starts beating the capitalist shit out of you.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The ICKE Theorem

Do you notice that the Hindraf 10 arrests mirrors what is described on this book?

David Icke has been warning for well over a decade of the plan for a world fascist state, a global version of Nazi Germany, in which the people will be prisoners of a Big Brother dictatorship founded on the suppression of the most fundamental freedoms and total control and surveillance.

Today there is a gathering awareness that he was right.

People are realizing that Big Brother is no longer "coming" - he's here!

So you see, what the Home Ministry and the Badawi government does is indeed the prescription of the Bush administration so called pre-emptive strikes. As 'flyer' told me, Bush's stance, "Either you're with us or you're against us" is emulated evidently since last year.

Sometime ago, a friend of mine introduced me this book that describes what is happening right now. Yes, many people are starting to get aware after reading myself. I kept quoting that one section from the book whenever I see protests happening or so.

I have tried a few rounds looking for spare copies in major bookstores including Kino, Borders or MPH, but there were not many copies. But they do take orders though.

After reading that, I firmly believed that we are taking the Bush prescription.

Aside from those who refused to believe, just go get that book. Period.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Deepavali

Pic by Mob

Here's a happy Deepavali to fellow Indian readers of this blog.

Also, this greeting goes out to my friends, and colleagues and former including:

Suresh, Arunbabu, Balkrishna, Byresh, Ayyappa, Subbu, Srinivas, Venu, Murali, Surendra, Vivek, Shashi, Kamal, Palan, Srikanth, Tamilarasan, Sandeep, Ponvel, Alfred, Vinod and of course Nagalingam.

Let us also not forget those who are supposed to be enjoying this festive occassion but ended up at the wrong place like the HINDRAF 5.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Whip or The Sack? - Ref Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini today reported, (note: so far not picked up by other papers) that the mystery BN MP who signed the opposition initiated call for review of the ISA was reviewed. The identity was kept a secret as a matter of courtesy. But then the first hint is that the MP is not from the UMNO partners, like MCA or MIC.

Could it be a man with conscience in UMNO or otherwise?

Second thing is that since this MP is voting for the review, chances are this man is likely to face the whip or in extreme cases, the sack from the BN whip that is Najib Razak. Past experience is suffice to tell that any BN MP who goes against the party stance faces the whip. So that justifies the longkang MP thing really.


Most Indians in Malaysia are apparently pissed off of how Botak Albar and his underlings arrest 11 HINDRAF members, now 10 to be remanded for three days. It seems that these bigots in UMNO never understood the thing of listening to others.

Botak Albar still keeps on with his bark the latest warning any NGOs to be involve with HINDRAF activities risk arrest...which people are going to slap the extremist called SHA sooner or later.

Speaking of which, should Abdullah Badawi decides to tell everyone to be cool, BN is getting shot back by other groups plus HINDRAF. At PWTC Hari Raya assembly, UMNO never bothered to say thank you for coming to HINDRAF or anti-ISA groups except at the faces of other visitors and tourists. No guts...

which reminds me of Sin LaSalle's speech.
Have you lost your mind? I mean, how is it that you can disrespect a man's ethnicity when you know we've influenced nearly every facet of white America... from our music to our style of dress. Not to mention your basic imitation of our sense of cool; walk, talk, dress, mannerisms... we enrich your very existence, all the while contributing to the gross national product through our achievements in corporate America. It's these conceits that comfort me when I am faced with the ignorant, cowardly, bitter and bigoted, who *have* no talent, no guts, people like you who desecrate things they don't understand when the truth is - you should say thank-you, man, and go on about your way. But apparently you are incapable of doing that! So...


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Perak ACA Director Shamsiah Transferred To Sarawak, Exposes Federal ACA Mal-intent

Certain sources and inner-circles in Perak today confirmed that state ACA Director Shamsiah Abu Bakar has been transferred to Sarawak by the federal level ACA. This was following the scandal in Perak where two state exco men were arrested for apparent bribery over a non-existent project. However, this move by the federal level ACA is to gag Shamsiah from exposing further the hidden secrets and motives of the state BN and federal ACA to sabotage the state PR government. However, Shamsiah has somehow exposed most of it. Shamsiah bears the distinction of being the only female state ACA director so far. It was revealed that Shamsiah had a major spat with the federal level director Ahmad Said Hamdan.

What Happened Actually

1. In August, Tulang Besi reported that two exco men, Osman Jailu and Jamaluddin Radzi met a man at a restaurant with a suitcase, which is confirmed to be the federal-level ACA agent man called Imran Abdullah. After two minutes meeting with Imran, the two men were surrounded by ACA and 'were caught red handed' without knowing anything. It was also reported that apparently this was the second attempt of entrapment by Shamsiah after the first successful attempt in which a Syariah court judge was arrested for bribery. This was done by what is believed to be a concerted work by Shamsiah with UMNO Perak to frame the judge.

2. It was then today revealed that the arrest of the two exco men was done without the knowledge of Shamsiah and this has irrufriated her. After the arrest of the 5 men, including the two exco men, Shamsiah was made to read a press statement prepared by the federal level agents but went against the prepared statement.

Errata: (special thanks to matsamankati from Perak Express)

Shamsiah did read the prepared statement which got her into trouble but the statement was written before the action really happened.

3. When the statement was read out to the media, the two exco men summoned her over the arrest. This resulted in a spat with her and Ahmad Said Hamdan. It was at that time, that Shamsiah discovered that ACA Putrajaya had been planning a series in conjunction with UMNO of framing excos in the Perak state government in the objective of smearing them so that BN can take over again.

4. Many details were leaked out to the inner circles and perhaps top government officials of the state over the apparent mal-intent. Hence Shamsiah was deemed unreliable by the federal level ACA and it was decided to have her transferred to Sarawak - a confirmed attempt to gag her from spilling more beans. Currently the targets of the framing plan, among the 31 Pakatan assemblymen are the Politcal Secretary and two PAS assemblymen.

5.Take note though that this news did not appear in mainstream media nor alternative media except for certain blogs. This was first reported in Perak Express - which you can also read the Malay version there.


Special note: Here's a happy birthday to the real Princess Leia - For Leia, she's now a grandmother, full fledged Jedi Master, but lost her boys in wars...

Monday, October 20, 2008

AAB's Grand Gesture? Ref Malaysiakini

Perhaps Abdullah Badawi could be doing us a little favour.

Late last night, a document, allegedly a manifesto of Najib in relation to the upcoming UMNO elections surfaced on alternate online news portals, including Malaysiakini. The content in the document was later clarified by a press representatives of Najib that claimed that Najib did not write that manifesto but instead was from a supporter group.

The content of the alleged leak manifesto states:

1. “I will defend the supremacy of the Malays until the last drop of my blood if I win the mandate of the delegates to become the next Umno president at election to be held in March 2009. This is the solemn promise I made to my late father before he died”.

2. He also promised to set up a Council of Presidential Advisors to be made up of Umno elders and past prime ministers.

3. “I will also ensure that my family won’t become involved in business or interfere in the administration of the country. I will carry out my responsibilities without any influence from other countries.

4. “We realise that BN was scarred during the March general election. I will do all I can to return Umno and the Barisan Nasional to its former glory. I will also not hesitate to use all means to destroy elements that can threaten the stability and peace of the country.”

5. “I have been attacked by my enemies who claimed that I carry out Hindu rituals. All of you can refer to S Samy Vellu who will vouch that I have never gone with him to any Hindu ceremony. I swear in the name of God that I am a faithful Muslim.”

6. “I have also been linked with the murder case of Altantuya. I once again swear in the name of God that I never knew her. I am ready to face any court to clear my name which those who are envious of my achievements are trying their best to tarnish.

7. I deny that my SMS communication with Muhammad Shafee Abdullah was in any way an abuse of power.

8. “I strongly deny allegations that I am involved in the Eurocopter scandal. The contract went through due process and procedures. The Defence Ministry accepted the decision and agreement from the Ministry of Finance was obtained in the selection of the Eurocopter tender. The Defence Ministry issued a Letter of Intent on Sept 15, 2008. A Letter of Intent can be issued at anytime and in accordance with proper procedure, it was issued on Sept 15 2008. I state my readiness to be investigated by PAC or BPR!

9. “I have full confidence that delegates will use their wisdom in making their choice of leadership next March. They should be intelligent enough to gauge who among their leaders truly represent the interest of the Malay community and who has in the past betrayed the Umno’s struggle by becoming an agent of a foreign country”.

The contents of the alleged manifesto has spooked a lot people including myself, since the intepretation was first published at Susan's blog.

If you read all of the nine points there in the morning, it simply implies of the return of Mahathirism, with Mahathir as an advisor, clamping down on dissent and opposition, Malay supremacy, bathing Chinese blood on the dagger and etc. Yes, it spooks, right?
Yes, many felt that Najib is not fit to run as Prime Minster following many shady allegations that involves him. There is the war of words between Dollah Badawi and Mahathir, which Badawi said that Mahathir behaves like a camp director whereas he is not an UMNO member anymore. 


UMNO ultras have been ruling the roost even after Abdullah took over in November 2003. So that's why Abdullah Badawi could not implement his reforms, even until now. During the first 4 years there are still Mahathir's kuncu-kuncu in the Cabinet. And after March 8, there are UMNO members, the ultras are objecting to the reforms simply they do not like it and fearing that whatever they benefit will end up kapoof. The reasoning is simple. With Najib taking over, reforms are likely never to take off the ground because of ultras.


Most of the people knew that Najib was allegedly involve in many things including the Altantuya affair and the latest of all, the misuse of funds for the Cougar helicopter purchase. Pete Kamaruddin and Anwar Ibrahim have been exposing many revelations that puts Najib and Rosmah in a very dangerous and threatening position. As for Badawi himself, he was forced by the other UMNO members particularly the ones from Mahathir's camp to take him as his deputy. Abdullah never wanted Najib right from the beginning and to him, the only way to do so is to call his grand gesture, but look carefully for he could be digging evidence on Najib. Najib has many allies in the Defence Ministry, and swapping portfolios is a way to isolate him out. 

Harakah's Sunday piece was pretty interesting. Since revelation by revelation on Najib hits out, some of us like Pete could find ourselves being harassed or threaten by unknown people if more info on Najib's misdeeds hit out. That was why a political analyst claimed that Pete was deliberately sent to ISA to protect him, while Anwar goes underground and in a hush over the past week because assasination attempts on these two could be possible.

The portfolio swap was to get proof on the mismanagement. That's only one part to drop Najib. And then, slowly and slowly, more pieces of info could leak out by insiders connected to Abdullah, including the smoking gun of the whole show - the military intelligence that shows Rosmah's direct involvement in the Altantuya murder.

If Najib is prosecuted in within this six months, the transition plan is cancelled. Deal is off. Won't that be the biggest flip-flop or his grandest gesture shown if he keeps on as PM?

What about Pakatan Rakyat? Unless they can think of a parallel plan to kill two birds in one stone, whatever they idealize for is useless. Or they could be watching how the chips fall in UMNO and Barisan before making their moves and keeping a low profile for now. If Anwar said of waiting until December 8, good. Let's see how it plays out eventually.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

PJ Candlelight Vigil Round 2

Round 2 of the Candlelight vigil in Amcorp Mall is much successful that the previous round with the turnover doubled compare to the first edition. The total turnover this time would be at 500 estimated.

Today's special guest, aside from Marina herself is the Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo Burne.

Everyone gathered there to show vigil and solidarity to Pete Kamaruddin and the Hindraf 5. The event started at 8 and ended at 9.15. By 9.15 rain started to fall heavily.

This round's edition featured musicians brought in by Surind (Sam and Iedet) with Amin Iskandar. Most of them sang songs in relation to the message of freeing RPK and abolishing ISA.

Many people in cars passing by the Amcorp mall park gave their support as well by honking their cars. The success of this weekly vigil was quite remarkable that they are planning to bring the idea up north to Penang and Ipoh next week.

In the mean time, take a look at some of the photos taken during the vigil. Enjoy.

Important: In Next week's edition, Sam and Iedet will be:

1. Introducting two new songs (one malay and english track) on Pete.
2. They will be introducing their debut album, remixed professionally!

So guys, if you really miss the fun, don't worry. Be there next week same time to enjoy the spirit of camaderie and friendship and solidarity!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Many BN yesmen said that and Samy Vellu especially kowtow to the claim that UMNO is not a bully.

1. Samy Vellu the Bloody Bastard said "Umno as the mainstay of the BN had never bullied other component parties and in fact, listened to their views before making any decision. This culture does not exist in the BN."

2. Kayveas: people's perception that this is happnening should be corrected.
3. Koh Tsu Koon - exploited by the opposition for political mileage.

Today - (read Malaysiakini for a clearer non-distorted account), Abdullah Badawi said that Umno had never resorted to bullying its partners in the coalition and allegations that it did were the creation of the opposition in trying to erode the people's support for it.

No matter what is said, that thing said by Dollah Badawi is damn crap. Period.

Examples (Some can be read from Krishnan's piece):

1. If UMNO can draw the dagger and show it in the assembly or threaten to bath it in Chinese Blood, they can said they are not bullies. But if Gerakan takes a guan dao in the assembly and says Hidup Gerakan, UMNO will go ballistic and hit Gerakan. Hypocrites.

2. UMNO comes up with a religious decree in Sabah that said that all Buddhist statues are illegal.And then said that they are not bullies. But if MCA /  Gerakan says that false idols in Islam..etc, UMNO will say "How dare you teach us!"

3. If an UMNO man can tear a picture of Koh Tsu Koon in a press conference, they say that they are not bullies. If a Gerakan man tears a picture of Abdullah Badawi, UMNO will go hoha and said that Gerakan bullies a big party. 

4. Khir Toyo in particular (UMNO) goes and demolish Hindu temples and then UMNO said that they are not bullies, but if Teresa Kok complaints about Azans and etc, UMNO goes hohaha making noises saying Teresa bullies them and Islam. Then put her in ISA. Fucking liars...!

Siapa hypocrites di Malaysia sebenarnya? 

Who are the real liars, Pembohong di Malaysia? Many were hoodwinked about ISA. And still they don't want to do it despite numerous calls....

A Telltale Sign of Coward Cops

I had the impression that the police are supposed to effectively reduce the crime rates in this country but the recent event where a beat base in Chow Kit had to be removed fearing of criminal presence here. I was laughing one moment but it gives the picture that of a telltale sign that the police is not doing their job effectively in crime beat. Chickening out, as what by buddy Shar said.

So this indeed rings true. The low-mid level police force in the past few months have been looking at the wrong end, not doing their work if there are report that involves corrupt people or doing nothing against serious crimes. Instead, the police have been ordered to clamp down on protests, arresting non-violent dissenters, climaxing with a Suaram activist held under ISA section 28.

On the Chow Kit, matter, the police division of Dang Wangi should consider getting a taser gun to go on those violent criminals there. 

If that is the case, then Botak better quit. He does not good to us at all. And his explaination is something I'm not taking in. Many many excuses from Botak Albar... 

The devilry is really ruling the roost in this last few months. 

I just think that if this problem persists in long term, then normal people could take the law into their own hands because the police has failed in their true original objectives.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

No Way DBKL is Forcing This Into Little China

Chinatown hawkers against 94 new stalls

HAWKERS in Petaling Street are irked over the Kuala Lumpur City Hall’s (DBKL) decision to add 94 new stalls in the area.

The DBKL has given licences to members of Pengasih to do business there. (Pengasih is a a non-profit organisation that runs a drug rehabilitation centre)

An old timer at the market who did not want to be identified is against the idea of having new stalls.

“I do not like the idea because business here is already slow. If they add these stalls, the place is going to become cramped and tourists will have difficulty moving about or even just stand.

“Also, DBKL did not even inform us or distribute flyers on the move,’’ he said.

A hawker, who wanted to be known as just Simon, said that fewer people came to the area now.

“Business here is bad and if they add more stalls, we can’t survive. With the present economic situation, this addition is just not right.’’

He said that DBKL should have consulted the hawkers before even putting up the banners stating the opening of the stalls.

In response, Kuala Lumpur mayor Datuk Ab Hakim Borhan questioned Kuala Lumpur Hawkers Association vice-chairman Datuk Ang Say Tee for being indecisive on the matter.

He said Ang had sent a letter to the DBKL endorsing the new stalls in May but was now against the idea.

Hakim added that the new stalls would not affect the situation as the DBKL would rearrange and coordinate the market.

A special meeting has also been scheduled for Oct 16 with DBKL, Bukit Bintang MP Fung Kui Lun and the hawkers association.

Fung wants the mayor to show the letter of support from the association.

“There are foreigners and illegal hawkers operating at the market. This is a clear example of the failure on DBKL’s part in implementing its enforcement.

“Putting up these new stalls is going to mar the image of Chinatown as well as cause congestion.

“We are not sure how many Pengasih members are involved and what kind of business they plan to conduct.

“The KL traders and hawkers association have even lodged a report with the Anti-Corruption Agency because they feel there are elements of corruption involved,’’ he said.


My friend actually pointed out this matter last Saturday. Simply put, there is no way that DBKL can force its way into setting up shop for Pengasih / Malay traders in Petaling Street. You can actually guess that there is an ulterior motive of DBKL to put those things in motion. And if they were pushing to force that into Petaling Street, blood could be spilled. See, there are some dark things there like this small part of town has connections to the Hong Kong underworld (as murmurs from the dark would say) - which could spell trouble if word reaches them about this problem - robbing their business.

You see Chinatown is the hub of Chinese people and to put that in there shows the lack of consideration, apart from tourist attraction. Half of the identity is gone when you have many foreign workers working there. 

One more thing that caught my attention is that everytime Chinatown is in the media spotlight, the person who always speaks on behalf is the vice-president, the MCA man called Ang Say Tee. But where is the president? Ah...if you remember MP Wee's press statement, the president is one Chan Kai Mun, lording over Petaling Street and has well, connections. Read Wee's archive press statement at the old Blogspot page.

Anyhow, DBKL has recently incurred the wrath of many citizens, particularly those in Kepong, Cheras and Setapak over the parking meter affairs. Many people think that it is cumbersome to charge them almost RM5 per day - that is $130 per month when economy is a bad turn. They are turning the screws at Hakim Borhan and his motley crew.

So therefore, DBKL better beware for people can be as dangerous as those shadow figures in Petaling Street!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ok, Now What? It's Whack Botak Time!

Pic by Bodohland

Omnimous rumors of HINDRAF being banned which has been circulating around for weeks finally come true when Botak Albar issued a notice that HINDRAF is illegal and branded a menace, a threat to society and whatever bad names UMNO wish to call them - refer to Malaysiakini for the piece.

First of all, no one makes the fuzz out of HINDRAF, only UMNO leaders did that. There are many of them who could not have the sufficient WISDOM to understand the motives of HINDRAF. If you remember, the dirty three - Shafie, Botak and Azalina Lesbian made those remarks at PWTC,  Most merely think that they pose a threat to everyone with their kind of rowdy behaviour. MIC still has not helped much to improve the Indian friends of the country and that's why they still go on their own knowing that MIC won't do much help to them.

I'm going to make this simple. UMNO media and the partisan entity called as Utusan has make choked things upside down. UMNO may silence HINDRAF with such band but it might make the Hindus more angrier than ever. If you idiots want a repeat of 1988 where UMNO is declared illegal, be my guest! If I am Lord President, I can say UMNO Baru is illegal! Sooner, more ordinary people might even turn against you and declare that UMNO is illegal. In fact the original UMNO ceased to exist in 1988 by court order.

HINDRAF's ban is not from a court order, but an order by Botak Albar. If I remember correctly, only the court has the power to do so, not a politician minister. When Shafie Apdal said the other day that open houses security needs re-evaluation, indirectly UMNO is instructing the police, now as political lapdogs to screw HINDRAF.

Ok, now I am deviating from my point. The bottom line? Everyone will say that it's Botak Albar's fault. Fine, Botak can win for now. But if I say that one day Botak Albar get's thrown into the lion's den that is HINDRAF, he might not survive at all. He gets beaten left to right. 

Denizens at the Wharf echoed one main point: if Pakatan Rakyat takes over the government, the first casualty of the BN is definitely Botak Albar. I could be the one starting the ball rolling tonight on this matter, and don't be surprised in the next few hours if my blog buddies like Zorro and others start whacking Botak and Wan Farid (that joker!) left and right.

Right now, while almost 63 percent of Malaysian citizens or 17 million people await for the change of government with bated breath, devilry still rules the roost in Malaysia - I mean crime rates, bad economy, this thing..bla..bla..bla 

Hey, those people affected could be sharping their weapons in retaliation.... :D

Also, an acquitance of mine, Helen wrote this comical truth of Hindraf.

You Don't Want To Hear or You Don't Understand? - Ref Malaysiakini

Apart from stories that Najib doesn't show up on the debate on Budget 2009 (maybe he's totally afraid of seeing face to face with Anwar, I think it seems that Najib lied at all) the one thing that caught my attention is that during yesterday's debate the A block (comprising of government ministers) was almost empty. All of the ministers, deputies and even Najib and Abdullah never had the guts to show up against Anwar in the debate. 

The only Minister that remained was Sharir Samad, who was to face his younger brother Khalid in a question and answer session later on. Unfortunately, Khalid was on sick leave and was unable to attend the session. Khalid reminded me of Canadian snooker player Alain Robidoux.

Back when Anwar made his speech, some of the BN MPs were unattentive, seems that most of the 20 BN MPs in the hall could not really understand or caught off guard by the solid facts presented by the opposition. The disappointing thing though is that most of them were seen drinking and chatting at the cafeteria. 

On the 20, it seems that they had a hard time to understand of economics. So this implies that they do not have a strong education background. If you give the nation to these people who have a weak education background or thinking backwards, the country won't progress. Another double no no is looking at the remaining. The other people who do so tells us, the people that they are not interested in improving things in our country. 

So what Ronnie Liu told me that last time round, way before general elections ringed true. Ronnie once told me about 'longkang MPs' - MPs who offered their services to their area but bound and forced against their own conscience to agree to the party stance. When I learned that many don't want to hear, I surmised that these jokers are 'longkang MPs' and people are hoodwinked to vote for them.

Here's my warning to those longkang MPs, in which I quote from the Earl of Chesterfield: sometimes an advice that you take from is something that is least eager to be heard of. Yes, advice can be a bitter pill to swallow. If you don't then the country becomes like another Indonesia. 

I don't want another Indonesia and a repeat of 1998! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Drop Doesn't Help Much Again - Ref Malaysiakini

Today, it was announced in all news media formats that the petrol price tomorrow would be reduced by another 15 cents to $2.30 for the standard RON 97 grade petrol. With that it means consumers would get to save at least RM10 of petrol for each fill. 

Still it doesn't do really much to soften the damage done on June. Abdullah Badawi and his advisers lacked the foresight to see beyond the space of three months from that month. Moments after the petrol went to $147, the price fell roughly 45 percent to the current range price of $80 to $85.

Even though the price has dropped three times already, food prices have already gone up. A check to most shops in the Setapak neighborhood reveals that some shops have increased their food prices by another 30 cents. This though excludes drinks.

Another way to improve the chances of drop is of course focusing on the exchange rate. With the fact from many people that the U.S monetary value is facing the risk of losing the value, there would present a realistic opportunity to have the ringgit as equivalent as strong as the dollar, more or less matching the Sing dollar. At the same time, Bank Negara and the finance ministry must consider dumping the US reserves and replacing it with either the yen and euros. It is one way to cushion the fall. The measures to address the recession is but a temporary reprieve. It might happen again either next year or as someone said that the Second Great Depression could hit in June 15 2010. 

Monday, October 13, 2008

At Kg Baru, It's Respect, But At PWTC, Kutuk!

A friend of mine whom I met at the Star sometime back, now an associate of Sivarasa, called me over for Anwar's open house in Kampung Baru yesterday. I was there early from 1.30 p.m with the free food. I knew some of the policemen there including our ASP Sydney Jeremiah.

When I spotted my friend at around 3.15 p.m, I was at the main doors to the club. But the interesting at that time was that HINDRAF group came to the club to say their greet the PKR people. It was a different reaction in contrast to what happened at PWTC. 11 days ago. There, they accepted well of people coming over to wish Anwar and the PKR guys Selamat Hari Raya. They tried to repeat the feat and got a better reaction to them.

Click the picture at this link.

I was really wondering why UMNO reacted in cold mood towards them whereas it was the other way round at Kampung Baru. Maybe they are like the Republicans, any dissent represents the form of opposing their policies. I think what Bush said previously, "Either you're with us or you're against us" rings true.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

As If The SD Isn't Enough, The SMS is Making Its Rounds!

If you remember the last time there was an SD by RPK that says Rosmah did it. If that is not enough, there is now a SMS transcript that is making the rounds on cyberspace. This SMS text took place between 8 November to December 2 2006 and it is between Najib and Shafee Abdullah.

The SMS-Chat Begin ....

Wednesday 8/11/2006

Shafee to Najib (S2N) Date: 8/11/2006 02:59:31

--> Dato Seri, The Razak Baginda thing is troubling me.Can I help? Salam, Shafee

Najib to Shafee (N2S) Date: 8/11/2006 03:45:05

--> I will speak with u later tonight.

S2N Date: 8/11/2006 03:45:31

--> Thank you

S2N Date: 8/11/2006 06:28:56

--> Met the investigating officer today.Position is serious for RB.The 3 are highly implicated.RB's case can be fought.There are redeeming features for him.But we need to meet Dato Seri as there are other looming issues at large.But not to worry. Salam > Shafee

N2S Date: 8/11/2006 21:06:11

--> I have spoken to IGP. U can represent n meet RB in court.

Thursday 9/11/2006

N2S Date: 9/11/2006 12:45:30

--> If RB's remand is upto Sunday, does it mean that he has to be charged by Fri or be released? i hope it is looking better for him.

S2N Date: 9/11/2006 13:11:23

--> 3 things can happen.Firstly, they can ask for more time for detention.We will resist.Second,they have to release him by Friday or thirdly charge him by Friday.Police took him to his office for document search.Nothing incriminating found.Now they are recording stmt from him.Later search in house.Under control so far Dato Seri. Salam, shafee

S2N Date: 9/11/2006 14:09:03

--> Dato Seri, Re RB need to meet up with you today. shafee

N2S Date: 9/11/2006 14:17:47

--> 630 pm at my house in PJaya this evening.

S2N Date: 9/11/2006 14:18:21

--> Thank you

Friday 10/11/2006

N2S Date: 10/11/2006 15:14:31

--> Any news about RB ?

S2N Date: 10/11/2006 15:19:40

--> Dato Seri, Negotiating for conditional release.If not police need 2 or 3 more days extention.I suspect its an exercise in public relation as they do not want public to think a VIP was given an easier time.Being a vip under these conditions is a liability.Otherwise we are on track according to plan. Salam, Shafee

N2S Date: 10/11/2006 15:27:01

--> Thanks, he is very stressful according to his wife n would be a huge help if he could get a conditional release latest by sun.

N2S Date: 10/11/2006 21:35:52

--> Saw the news on tv. RB was sent for DNA. Not sure it was neccessary.

S2N Date: 10/11/2006 21:40:19

--> Unnessasary.But I think its on his lung infection.He has just been sent again to HUKM.Will know more later from inside contacts.

Saturday 11/11/2006

S2N Date: 11/11/2006 03:17:56

--> Dato Seri, I was at ghkl ccu 4th floor.RB was admitted due to lung infection:mild pneumonia and asthmatic.This was the pain he was suffering in the chest and unexplained coughing for months.He is under an able physician Dato Dr Jeyaindran Sinnadurai(head of Dept of Medicine)Its good he is resting there than in the lockup.Dna was done to eliminate that he was at scene of crime(paternity can be ruled out as well).Need to see Dato Seri on some concerns. Salam. Shafee

N2S Date: 11/11/2006 08:54:17

--> ANy chance of a release by sun ?

S2N Date: 11/11/2006 08:58:14

--> Police should release him by then except that I think the police is disturbeb by Media and public pressure.Other factors need be coomunicated to Dato Seri in person. Investigation wise we are on track for release.

S2N Date: 11/11/2006 09:26:52

--> It is clear that the Police will ask for extention t'row.I will resist strongly in view of the fact that the last few days investigation on RB have completed investigations that require RB's presence in custody.Secondly, from yesterday the Police has done nothing much with him except to do the dna.Thirdly, I am concerned with the Police carelessness yesterday in allowing the 3 other suspects to be freely mixing and therefore tainting their subsequent stmnts as they could be 'group coached'.But it also show Police no longer need to isolate the suspects.Even RB was handcuffed to the C/I. Salam . Shafee

N2S Date: 11/11/2006 11:46:48

--> I Can see u today at my Taman duta hse at 6 pm.

S2N Date: 11/11/2006 11:59:08

--> OK Dato Seri.Insyaallah I will be there.

Sunday 12/11/2006

S2N Date: 12/11/2006 13:53:41

--> 2 days extention to Tuesday.They must release him by then maybe conditionally.Police asked for full 14days.He has message.

S2N Date: 12/11/2006 14:06:23

--> Will give Dato Seri in a while

S2N Date: 12/11/2006 15:10:17

--> 0320949418

Monday 13/11/2006

S2N Date: 13/11/2006 15:53:36

--> Am in his office now.Another search. AG will be unwilling to charge and lose a case yet again.It is agood idea to suggest to AG to hood on and let investigtion proceed with Razak Released on Bond.

N2S Tel: 60122143177 Date: 13/11/2006 16:23:29

--> How was the search ?

S2N Date: 13/11/2006 16:25:56

--> We provided them everything,including old pda and note books and a couple of bills.Nothing incriminating.

Wednesday 15/11/2006

S2N Date: 15/11/2006 13:21:32

--> Things going as expected.2 male officer charged for murder in common intention.Razak's name not in. Lady officer released but rearrested under Emergency Ordinance to be used as Crown witness(exactly as predicted). I am expecting RB to be released on Bond.4 of my lawyers are watching brief the proceedings in the murder case.Rb matter prob t'row. Pl call. Shafee Ps coming back now from Taipei.

N2S Date: 15/11/2006 23:31:09

--> So hopefully he will be released tmrw?

S2N Date: 15/11/2006 23:34:38

--> Dato Seri, I am driving up from S'pore ,no more flight to KL tonight.Hope for th best.Any indication? Shafee

N2S Date: 15/11/2006 23:36:52

--> Not heard anything untoward yet.

Thursday 16/11/2006

S2N Date: 16/11/2006 10:52:43

--> Anything Dato Seri? I am already in Court.

N2S Date: 16/11/2006 10:53:50

--> Pls do not say anything to the press today. i will explain later. RB will have to face a tentative charge but all is not lost.

S2N Date: 16/11/2006 10:54:30

--> OK, TQ

Friday 17/11/2006

S2N Date: 17/11/2006 10:50:30

--> Dato Seri, Its important you speak toYusoff Zainal Abidin as he knows the law a lot better in the Chambers.I am confident he is concerned with the negligible evidence agst Razak.The Raja Mahani and Tengku Ariston cases ought to be the guiding critera for AG.They cannot afford another scandallous loss by the Prosecution as in Norita, Ariston,Dato Balwant etc.

N2S Date: 17/11/2006 11:39:46

--> OK will try. Meanwhile try to console the wife. She is hysterical.

S2N Date: 17/11/2006 11:41:29

--> I know Dato Seri.I will do everything I can.Salam, Shafee

S2N Date: 17/11/2006 12:57:49

--> Dato Seri, Razak has not been sent to Hospital.He is clearly not well.He is refusing to take Prison's medicine for fear of sabourtage.The chief Physician of GHKL Dato Dr Jaya Sinnadurai is shocked that they have not brought Razak back to GHKL.I have spoken to Haji Darussalam,Sg Buloh's Prison Director.Can You sound this to Dato Radzi Shek Ahmad?Need to see you of s'thing that I think had happened that led to her death.Utterly shocking if I am right. Shafee

S2N Date: 17/11/2006 15:45:34

--> Dato Seri, I am at Sg Buloh Prison.I have organised Razak to be in HUKL,He is on his way there now. The Pengarah Hj Darussallam and deputy Supt Gunasegaran very helpful. Shafee

N2S Date: 17/11/2006 21:27:02

--> My regards to him. He Is always in my thought.

S2N Date: 17/11/2006 21:34:44

--> Will tell him

Sunday 19/11/2006

S2N Date: 19/11/2006 16:25:08

--> Dato Seri, I need Dsp Musa ,your ADc to call me to clarify a point.He is not answering Shafee

Monday 20/11/2006

S2N Date: 20/11/2006 13:02:33

--> Any developement Dato Seri? Shafee

N2S Date: 20/11/2006 14:30:20

--> Not yet.

S2N Date: 20/11/2006 14:30:38

--> Thank you

S2N Date: 20/11/2006 21:05:17

--> Dato Seri.Razak is being transfered to Sg. Buloh t'row.Can Dr. Jaya do anything?

N2S Date: 20/11/2006 23:04:50

--> When is he being transffered?

S2N Date: 20/11/2006 23:05:48

--> T'row

N2S Date: 20/11/2006 23:07:01

--> What time?

S2N Date: 20/11/2006 23:08:01

--> Probably late morning

Thursday 23/11/2006

N2S Tel: 60122143177 Date: 23/11/2006 13:46:51

--> Your message read" Najib released on personal bond!".

S2N Date: 23/11/2006 13:50:00

--> Razak released on Bail of 1 million. On personal bond undertaking. Shafee?I am terribly sorry for that mistake.Whole night tak tidur preparing. My profuse apologies Sir. salam. shafee

N2S Date: 23/11/2006 14:00:25

--> ALhamdullillah , at least he is on bail.Big relief for him n family.

S2N Date: 23/11/2006 14:02:02

--> Dato, I need to brief you urgently b4 you speak to him.Shafee

N2S Date: 23/11/2006 14:12:32

--> OK but not intending to speak to him as yet.

Saturday 2/12/2006

S2N Date: 2/12/2006 18:59:15

--> Dato Seri, Got some info that are troubling.Quite serious.Are you in Taman Duta?Can we meet? Salam, Shafee

... those who know more, please come forward!

Of course this has put the stress on Najib and The Malaysian Insider has picked up the news on this. True, many do not want Najib to be the next PM.


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