Friday, October 10, 2008

What Should We Do With Him?

This is the man that is known as one of Khairy's proxies. This is the man that reads mails on behalf of Khairy before it goes to Abdullah Badawi. In other words, he is unofficially Abdullah Badawi's gatekeeper.

Many UMNO people shared his sentiment that Hindraf came to the PM's open house in PWTC to create havoc and mess. Unfortunately, they were also being played as well into that by Utusan's sentiments and inaccurate facts on the coverage of the open house. And so, this is the man that said that Hindraf must be brought to the book. A politician instructing the police force to hunt Hindraf down like animals. In the process, the police has become the government's cannon fodder. Hindraf only came to say hello and hand greeting cards to Pak Lah. Period. Nothing else.

Back before the March elections, PAS man Mat Sabu had a clear conviction, that this man above, Wan Farid Salleh is the man that instructs the special branch guys from the police force to spy on the opposition under the pretense that an illegal gathering is underway. And while listening to Mat Sabu's recordings, I must concur on one point that under his instruction, the police have misused their human resources. Instead of working hard on stopping real, serious crimes and hunting down hardcore criminals, robbers and gangsters, the police were instructed to look at the other end of the pole.

That's why if you people have been following in tune with the recent events, if you happen to be at every candlelight vigils or protest marches you will see hundreds of police officers standing at sealed place for nothing. I think that you do not need to have hundreds of them to monitor a candlelight vigil? I think that's ridiculous.

I was nearby the anti-ISA group on that open house day when the police at first blocked entry into the main doors to PWTC. When my blog buddy Haris asked ASP Sydney Jeremiah why, ASP Sydney said that "they had instructions from above to not allow anyone dressed with those three color shirts entry into PWTC." So my immediate suspicion is that this joker Wan Farid could be the one instructing the policemen on this thing in the name of security. Seems that example alone paints the picture and possibility of the man himself instructing the police to stamp and suppress freedom of expression, no?

I remembered someone told me that if Anwar and his Pakatan Rakyat coalition takes over the government, the possible person who could be the next Home Minister after Botak Albar is being ousted could be Mat Sabu. If that is the case he could 'throw these corrupt monkeys to Kamunting (assuming they freed the ISA detainees first) and he personally administer special treatment on this guy' the guy remarked and chuckled at me.

Well, then. If you are a very important person in the Pakatan or a rakyat Malaysia who has been given the power to decide like a king, what should we do with this guy? I would really love to find out...

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