Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You Don't Want To Hear or You Don't Understand? - Ref Malaysiakini

Apart from stories that Najib doesn't show up on the debate on Budget 2009 (maybe he's totally afraid of seeing face to face with Anwar, I think it seems that Najib lied at all) the one thing that caught my attention is that during yesterday's debate the A block (comprising of government ministers) was almost empty. All of the ministers, deputies and even Najib and Abdullah never had the guts to show up against Anwar in the debate. 

The only Minister that remained was Sharir Samad, who was to face his younger brother Khalid in a question and answer session later on. Unfortunately, Khalid was on sick leave and was unable to attend the session. Khalid reminded me of Canadian snooker player Alain Robidoux.

Back when Anwar made his speech, some of the BN MPs were unattentive, seems that most of the 20 BN MPs in the hall could not really understand or caught off guard by the solid facts presented by the opposition. The disappointing thing though is that most of them were seen drinking and chatting at the cafeteria. 

On the 20, it seems that they had a hard time to understand of economics. So this implies that they do not have a strong education background. If you give the nation to these people who have a weak education background or thinking backwards, the country won't progress. Another double no no is looking at the remaining. The other people who do so tells us, the people that they are not interested in improving things in our country. 

So what Ronnie Liu told me that last time round, way before general elections ringed true. Ronnie once told me about 'longkang MPs' - MPs who offered their services to their area but bound and forced against their own conscience to agree to the party stance. When I learned that many don't want to hear, I surmised that these jokers are 'longkang MPs' and people are hoodwinked to vote for them.

Here's my warning to those longkang MPs, in which I quote from the Earl of Chesterfield: sometimes an advice that you take from is something that is least eager to be heard of. Yes, advice can be a bitter pill to swallow. If you don't then the country becomes like another Indonesia. 

I don't want another Indonesia and a repeat of 1998! 

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  1. The blokes were bragging that they all walked out on Anwar and ignoring what he had to say. The thing is, BN being the ruling party does not have that option. The ruling party does not have the right to walk out on the Opposition and not listen to them. The ruling party is required to present a careful rebuttal of Anwar's views point-by-point.

    The Opposition can walk out on the ruling party because, well, they are the Opposition! They can walk out in protest but not the ruling party. BN does not even know how to make themselves look dignified in this.

    ~ Edmund


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