Monday, October 6, 2008

Festival With The Nine Emperors

Pic by AP

Back in Ipoh last week, there was the famous 'Nine Emperor Gods Festival' which is held in October. The festival lasts for nine days before the Emperor Gods are sent back to the sea. This is the festival where many devotees would make their offerings and wishes to the gods.

In Ipoh, the festival is held at the Tow Boo Keong in Jalan Kampar.

While making my wishes to the deities, I had the chance to try shaking the 'chim', which gives you a number base and tells you what you encountered this year. I won't reveal here, but it is once a year thing that can be done. I must admit that the deities knew what I feel this year, given my focus is on health and career.

For foreign readers, offerings are made in the form of red turtle buns. It costs $1 each for a small size type. Some are left as offerings, while you can take some back to steam and eat it.

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