Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Anwar and Komathy's Dilemma - Ref Malaysiakini

Today, Anwar Ibrahim will find out whether the sodomy trial will be transferred to the high court or otherwise. The presiding judge for this trial would be Komathy Suppiah.

However, the upcoming decision will have several repercussions.

Before going on, read my previous posting on this sodomy trial.

If you remember one part of Malaysiakini that quoted "court has no choice", then I believe there is a hint of what is to come. The dilemma is that if Komathy decides that trial will remain in sessions court, it will be a psychological victory for Anwar but the repercussion is that Komathy could well earn the wrath of the 'warlords and tyrants' who walk the corridors of power. As mentioned previously, Komathy could be transferred because of the unfavorable decision.

If Komathy says the trial is to be transferred, she might keep her posting in KL.

So it's fingers crossed for people out there.


  1. Komathy akan tetap ada di situ samada kes Anwar kekal atau ke Mahkamah Tinggi.

    Dan Anwar akan bebas atau bersalah di mana mana mahkamah pun perbicaraan itu dilaksanakan.

    Belajarlah, berfikir secara bertanggungjawab

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