Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some Swine Parking Operators

The Star Metro Central published two articles on parking woes in Klang Valley.

1. Read the first one on the problem in Section 16 PJ (near my old office) here.
2. The second piece examines why many people parked outside and not inside.

Yes, the woes happen because of insane parking rates. The cheapest flat rate parking service I went would be the one in Brickfields that charges RM3 whole day. Some charged up to RM 8 but you still get the same service as what you paid at RM 3.

Mathematically, if you charge very high for a lot that can keep 500 vehicles max at one time, you can get at not very much. But if you charge at a lesser rate, many people would come and park in and you do get a very decent revenue because of customer satisfaction. I believe that many operators do not look into this angle, the more people happy of the service and charge, the more people would come park in.

There are some companies that I remembered charging insane rates that would piss an average Joe off. From the name of companies, I see that it is high likely that it could be managed by a Bumiputra that gets a contract in a non-tender way.

If I am to charge two rates, one consistent rate per hour and one for early bird, particularly those who work from morning to evening, that would be good. Mid Valley parking is a model to be emulated. Imagine RM1 for three hours, isn't that a bang for a buck for those who are in the area for say three to four hours?

So here's a warning to those swine operators. You better do something before an average Joe finally snaps and starts beating the capitalist shit out of you.

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