Saturday, October 18, 2008


Many BN yesmen said that and Samy Vellu especially kowtow to the claim that UMNO is not a bully.

1. Samy Vellu the Bloody Bastard said "Umno as the mainstay of the BN had never bullied other component parties and in fact, listened to their views before making any decision. This culture does not exist in the BN."

2. Kayveas: people's perception that this is happnening should be corrected.
3. Koh Tsu Koon - exploited by the opposition for political mileage.

Today - (read Malaysiakini for a clearer non-distorted account), Abdullah Badawi said that Umno had never resorted to bullying its partners in the coalition and allegations that it did were the creation of the opposition in trying to erode the people's support for it.

No matter what is said, that thing said by Dollah Badawi is damn crap. Period.

Examples (Some can be read from Krishnan's piece):

1. If UMNO can draw the dagger and show it in the assembly or threaten to bath it in Chinese Blood, they can said they are not bullies. But if Gerakan takes a guan dao in the assembly and says Hidup Gerakan, UMNO will go ballistic and hit Gerakan. Hypocrites.

2. UMNO comes up with a religious decree in Sabah that said that all Buddhist statues are illegal.And then said that they are not bullies. But if MCA /  Gerakan says that false idols in Islam..etc, UMNO will say "How dare you teach us!"

3. If an UMNO man can tear a picture of Koh Tsu Koon in a press conference, they say that they are not bullies. If a Gerakan man tears a picture of Abdullah Badawi, UMNO will go hoha and said that Gerakan bullies a big party. 

4. Khir Toyo in particular (UMNO) goes and demolish Hindu temples and then UMNO said that they are not bullies, but if Teresa Kok complaints about Azans and etc, UMNO goes hohaha making noises saying Teresa bullies them and Islam. Then put her in ISA. Fucking liars...!

Siapa hypocrites di Malaysia sebenarnya? 

Who are the real liars, Pembohong di Malaysia? Many were hoodwinked about ISA. And still they don't want to do it despite numerous calls....

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  1. Melvin,

    GREAT POST!!! Keep it up! Am glad young people like you have the gumption to call a spade a spade.
    Take care and God bless you.



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