Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Telltale Sign of Coward Cops

I had the impression that the police are supposed to effectively reduce the crime rates in this country but the recent event where a beat base in Chow Kit had to be removed fearing of criminal presence here. I was laughing one moment but it gives the picture that of a telltale sign that the police is not doing their job effectively in crime beat. Chickening out, as what by buddy Shar said.

So this indeed rings true. The low-mid level police force in the past few months have been looking at the wrong end, not doing their work if there are report that involves corrupt people or doing nothing against serious crimes. Instead, the police have been ordered to clamp down on protests, arresting non-violent dissenters, climaxing with a Suaram activist held under ISA section 28.

On the Chow Kit, matter, the police division of Dang Wangi should consider getting a taser gun to go on those violent criminals there. 

If that is the case, then Botak better quit. He does not good to us at all. And his explaination is something I'm not taking in. Many many excuses from Botak Albar... 

The devilry is really ruling the roost in this last few months. 

I just think that if this problem persists in long term, then normal people could take the law into their own hands because the police has failed in their true original objectives.

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