Sunday, October 19, 2008

PJ Candlelight Vigil Round 2

Round 2 of the Candlelight vigil in Amcorp Mall is much successful that the previous round with the turnover doubled compare to the first edition. The total turnover this time would be at 500 estimated.

Today's special guest, aside from Marina herself is the Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo Burne.

Everyone gathered there to show vigil and solidarity to Pete Kamaruddin and the Hindraf 5. The event started at 8 and ended at 9.15. By 9.15 rain started to fall heavily.

This round's edition featured musicians brought in by Surind (Sam and Iedet) with Amin Iskandar. Most of them sang songs in relation to the message of freeing RPK and abolishing ISA.

Many people in cars passing by the Amcorp mall park gave their support as well by honking their cars. The success of this weekly vigil was quite remarkable that they are planning to bring the idea up north to Penang and Ipoh next week.

In the mean time, take a look at some of the photos taken during the vigil. Enjoy.

Important: In Next week's edition, Sam and Iedet will be:

1. Introducting two new songs (one malay and english track) on Pete.
2. They will be introducing their debut album, remixed professionally!

So guys, if you really miss the fun, don't worry. Be there next week same time to enjoy the spirit of camaderie and friendship and solidarity!


  1. Nice pics! We walk with RPK.

  2. great pix from a great nite!!
    c u all next week!


  3. Great minds think alike. Well, almost. See our titles!

    Say hello next time okay. I'm still new but enjoying the unity and the shared passion for fair play in Malaysia.


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