Sunday, October 5, 2008

Koh, Gerakan and 'Guan Dao'

Back in April, there was an interview between Malaysiakini and Lim Keng Yaik. One of the passages of the transcript reads: (by Lim himself)

But what the PM says in cabinet, the fellow down on the ground has no blooming idea about what is going on and does the opposite. How are we going to deliver with that kind of behaviour, who do we blame? Who are fighting for the projects? Who gets most of the projects? Who showed arrogance?

Do I bring my ‘guan dao’ (a traditional Chinese weapon) in my assembly and say it is our symbol of unity based on my experience as Wushu Malaysia president? (Laughs) Don’t lah. It is only displayed insensitively. Yes you might be promoting your heritage but the people don’t understand and it brings fear to others.’

In Chinese houses, you can see 'guan gong' statues. That is a believe of having a god of war to protect and ward their houses from evil.

Now, then, Koh Tsu Koon has been elected officially as Gerakan President yesterday. Koh has an easier job to do now that he only holds one post. Gerakan must be able to stand on their own feet rather than showing the master-servant relationship that most parties do right especially pre March-8.

Keng Yaik's excerpt caught my attention since the 'guan dao' matter presents a metaphor.

If UMNO waves the dagger at the assembly and Gerakan as a component party of BN doesn't do anything, then they have deviated from the original purpose of its inception. A wishful thinking that crossed my mind is that 'being able to stand on their own feet and have their own voice' for them , they might want to do the same as UMNO do -that is lifting the 'guan dao' in the assembly.

Of course, given of the 'holier than thou' thing, the Malay community especially the UMNO and the hardcore ones will start making noises and more police reports of sedition and insulting Islam would pour in against Gerakan. That's a dilemma that has been long for now. But if I remembered correctly, once you take out the keris, you cannot put back, or as RPK said 'kalau keris dicabut, tidak boleh disimpan.'

I met a friend of mine last week. He was previously a grassroot member of Gerakan. I asked him about Gerakan and he told me that he had already jumped to PKR's camp, moonlighting with MP Sivarasa and Elizabeth Wong. Told me that he was sick of how things turn now for Gerakan.

So for Koh, it's thinking real hard and act fast. First agenda is on leaving BN or not.

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