Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bye Bye USD, Hello AMERO

The new currency unit called AMERO is likely to come in place of the USD next year.

First of all, don't presume that it's Mr. Chang that said it, but instead it is a top critic in US by the name of Hal Turner. He was right and even this Singapore guru Clemen Chiang also hit right that US economic meltdown turns real by summer 2009. Currently, the U.S has owed the world of $10 Trillion USD. The AMERO's first move is to make U.S bankrupt and force a merger with Canada and Mexico for its own survival. At that time, the value of the dollar could be devalued to the high margin of up to 90%, which makes petrol very cheap to buy and price shooting back up.

Current tax cuts policies in the U.S has resulted in U.S unable to pay back its debts even with interests. When the real collapse occurs, the international currency denominator is no longer USD but in Euros - which will be the end of the U.S economic system. On the moment the collapse happens, U.S can survive another two months max on fuel reserves before shortage of food - which leads to anarchy.

The AMERO unit is equivalent to the Euro with a combination of Mexican peso and the Canadian dollar. The AMERO if used is strongly backed by the Canadian system, since the Canadian banking system is the soundest in the world. If Canada is the soundest in the North America, then the Swiss Franc at before the Euro comes in is the strongest currency traded in Europe (excluding the Pound).

I don't have to elaborate further but what Mr. Turner said is almost similar to what Matthias says sometime back.

But it is usually the economy in the west has burst its bubble and many will ply trade in the east.

But a way to avoid this is to reboot the economy within the space of this eight months as what my friend Edmund commented. Read his posting here.

And now back to our local front. This is my umpteenth time to tell Najib and the Bolehland idiots to start selling USD away for good before people start screaming that BN is the mess of our national economy in the next six months time.

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  1. The Canadian Loony is falling like a rock against the Yankee money. Moreover, if you think Canadian financial institutions are safe it shows you know shit about the Canadian financial system.


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