Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Will It Happen Next Two Weeks?

A Pakatan Rakyat insider told the chinese daily Sin Chew that all Pakatan MPs are instructed not to leave abroad until further notice for the motion of no-confidence against Abdullah Badawi could happen in the space of two weeks.

Before leaving for Taiwan for the BBC visit, the (minimum 31) apparent 34 BN MPs had signed a sworn agreement in black and white that they will cross over to Pakatan.

On the cabinet posts, if the plan goes smoothly, the next Deputy Prime Minister would be Hadi Awang. The Home Ministry and the International Ministry posts would be filled by a Chinese. Lim Kit Siang's name is penciled for either of these two posts.

But then first of all, Pakatan will need to take care of potential people going out of control including Salehuddin Ayub who is still pushing for the 30 percent equity and Zul Nordin, of course his actions is an embarassment to Andersonians!


  1. First it was the announcement on 'Black 14' night in Kelab Sultan Sulaiman, stating two-maximum three weeks, Pakatan Rakyat will take over the Federal Government.

    Then the goal post moved to 16 September.

    Bad news for you Melvin....

    It ain't going to happen!

    If I was happening, then it should have happened already. But all these talk about "crossover" is PURE BULL****!

    I spoke to a close friend, who is a DAP MP rather recently. They are totally against the idea of "crossover". DAP rather wait for a GE and win on their own strength.

    Again, all these Anwar "Kaki Wayang" Ibrahim gobble-dee-gook are nothing but pure lies!

    My suggestion to you as a friend: Give this up! Get a life. Pakatan Rakyat would not take over Federal Government. At least not until the next GE, probably. Till at least 2012, BN will still rule.

    Can't live with it????

    Too bad. As they say, "C'est la vie"..............

  2. Hey BD!

    Hahaha. Well anything can happened unplanned. So, for now I just don't think it happens, except that on certain occasions that I am pissed at how some people say ridiculous things.

    Well, have you bet with ewoon on this? I mean if you win then..or vice-versa on that?


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