Sunday, October 5, 2008

Musings of RPK's Sedition Trial - Ref Malaysiakini

Tomorrow, Pete Kamaruddin will start his sedition trial at PJ Sessions court at 9 a.m. Expect great amount of support for the man himself.

But there are a few musings and questions that could be arising up from tomorrow's trial.

1. I have a hunch that the trial could be dragged longer and longer just as similar to how Kalimullah dragged the Jeff Ooi / Rocky's case against NST. Now that Najib is slated to become the next Prime Minister, my feeling could be that the trial could be dragged as long as Najib wants. In other words, he would want to be buying time until he takes over as Prime Minister. If this doesn't happen, Najib could be dead meat: Pete will have nothing to loose and let everything slip which means the end of him.

2. Notice how Najib felt relaxed in the last few weeks. It seems that with Pete in solitary confinement, I think it is a sense of relief for him. While Pete is running around with his no holds barred commentary, Najib was very stressed. But the wife still remains stressed. If you were at the open house in PWTC, she wasn't there, especially, when the anti-ISA group still in the vicinity of the building. Back to Najib, the person behind me in the queue while meeting with the ministers told me how the reaction of Najib there. He just didn't shake a person's hand well and his hand gesture gave the impression he wasn't interested. In fact his face went flat because those 'RPK people' were at the hall.

3. It is a waste of time and fuel for the detention authorities to take Pete back and forth between Kamunting and Petaling Jaya. Consider this: it would take roughly three hours to leave the detention camp to the court house. Let's say that the charges are read out and all the formalities are done, that could take an hour. Then after that, what? He goes back to the detention camp. So it's six hours wasted for the prison guys on duty and for Pete. But anyhow, he gets to see the greens while on the way back and forth.

4. According to the Star, the PR government is against the ISA and just now, they wanted to have the land where the detention camp was built back. So the message is sent to the UMNO-led government. They have been warned.

Sadly I am unable to be at the court house tomorrow but my support for Pete is with them.

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  1. I'm willing to wait till 13 Oct when Parliament reconvenes to see if all the Barisan MPs who pledged to cross over will live up to their commitment - or whether some have been bribed back into Umno with cash offers so astronomical it broke their will to do the right thing. That would be a double tragedy - for ther nation as well as the MPs concerned, for they would have literally auctioned their souls to the devil.


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