Monday, January 31, 2011

On Tenang

I am not surprised and have already anticipated how the election outcome turns out to be from the beginning, with the exception that heavy rain throughout the whole day yesterday has affected the voting turnover. But what the opposition claimed to have succeeded is primarily on having more Chinese votes than ever and there majority that UMNO wants by 5000 could not be reached at all. In the beginning, mainly it's because of the population composition of Labis and Tenang, it reminded me of how it was way back in Bagan Pinang, with the exception that there is no popularity factor taken into account. Bagan Pinang was like Permatang Pauh, because of the candidate's popularity, they won there - and nothing more. And unlike other places, the people's mentality in Johor is much more backwater in nature than the other states where previous by-elections took place. 

PKR and Anwar Ibrahim To Be Blamed

PKR actually has the biggest blame to take among the three component parties of Pakatan Rakyat. Many have said they are the weakest link of all due to many incidents like the fraud party elections, exit of 7 of their own MPs to become independents and internal problems. The first mistake that PR did was to field a PAS candidate. Although PAS and DAP have managed to handle things well on the campaign side, it is the people's perception of the party and candidate that spooked them all. That is not Kedah, Perak or Penang, but it is Johor and sad to say that their mentality is one step backwards. The moment if a PAS candidate decides to contest here, many non-Malays would associate PAS as "Taliban-style party" and MCA and UMNO would tell the Chinese of many bogeyman like negara Islam, etc..though it is not really simple and quick to change a country to use Islamic laws.

Like Bagan Pinang

The moment PR fields a PAS candidate, Pakatan Rakyat got off to the wrong footing. In this area where there is a mix composition, a PKR candidate should have been fielded instead because people perceive PKR as a party with a multi-racial composition. This is the same mistake that was made in Bagan Pinang and there it reveals the main mistake that BN had now adopted this approach, which is to look for winnable candidates over those who can't do the job. So that's where Anwar Ibrahim and his gang caught with the pants down again. 

Challenge of Mother Nature

The rain factor has also taken its toll against both sides, but more severe in PR's side. There has been raining over the last four days down south, not that severe as in KL yesterday that Labis and Segamat town has already become flooded. But the government machinery has boats, one hand advantage. Because of PR's inability to provide the resources to handle mother nature related situations such as this, the number of votes that they are supposed to gain from absentee of voters was approximately 883 votes. On the other hand, Barisan actually by right if by the numbers only gets another 5% additional majority than in 2008.

PAS: 3875 (2008), 2992 (2011) = -883 (drop of 22.78%)
BN: 6367(2008), 6699(2011) = 332 (5.21%)

Bread and Butter, At What Cost?

In this backwater yard, there is only one priority for those who vote: bread and butter issues. If they think BN takes care of it, then they would go for it. Most don't give a hoot about increase of oil prices, murder, detention, Beng Hock, Interlock role, that issues could not work against this kind of backward mindset. PR came without the FELDA matter ready in hand. Many think that to vote PR and PAS is to bite the hand that supports and helps the FELDA people. 

But it came at a terrible cost. Sometimes, there is land fraud, and just like in Galas, the moment BN wins, the price of petrol goes up. What does that tell you? People got befuddled? Does it mean to say, those goodies handed out are only during campaigning and the assemblyman does nothing after the people put up there? This is the problem and the dilemma: the numbers shown there reflects the complacency and backward mentality of many voters, including the makcik and pakcik Felda - no clue, kena tipu and all sorts of things. With this kind of mentality, Malaysia can never move ahead, because they do not want to change. 

Look at the price of petrol, shrinking of buying power, what does that tell you? A penalty to be paid for ignorance. I scolded once an Indian amah in Hulu Selangor for making the wrong choice long time back.

PKR Can Pack Up and Go

It looks like the PKR party still remains very weak and will have to rely more than just their two main partners. Whenever people criticize them, e.g Raja Petra, we get scolded for nothing. It's just critcism that the party would rather endure than hearing what a yes-man would say. 

The problem still runs around. Anwar is becoming more or less a double-edge sword - A glue or a man who wants to call all the shots. Maybe this might anger some people who might not agree with his style like Zaid, Gobalakrishnan. Maybe many have yet to understand the history of Anwar and Azmin. But in this case of how they handle the election thing, since they are the middle of the three-party alliance, Anwar might as well stand down and get someone who can repair the whole party to be a formidable challenger and reputable party. Otherwise, PKR might want to pack up their bags and close shop. 

PKR will have to prove me and other critics wrong that they are not going to throw towel, pack up and go. How do you want us to fix up, someone from PKR might ask? My answer? Take RPK's bitter pill!

Coming May 6, Always Bet on Duke!

I have been tracking the series of events that covers the 14 years of the making and finally it's coming out internationally on 6 May. Pretty excited to see it coming and tearing aliens apart!

The 14 year hiatus is primarily on switching of game engines, the compulsion by 3D Realms (George Broussard in particular) over many things to toss into it (the core issue is interactivity unsurpassed) and finally, the lack of money which resulted in 3D Realms closing down in May 2009. Lawsuits by Take Two against 3D realms over the incompleted project put that on hold and finally the resumption of the project towards its release....

The first thing is primarily on the game engines. In 1997, it started with the Quake 2 engine (a.k.a Id Tech 2) - it was good, but Quake 2 at that time could not perform outdoor environments. In 1998, it was scrapped for the Unreal engine, which allows that capability. But in the subsequent years, Unreal engine evolved 3 times, and 2008 it was Unreal Engine 3. So virtually, the game content had to be moved to utilizing the new vast improvements of Unreal Engine. Virtually most of the content had to be replaced with newer content. I thought, with a PC Gamer magazine cover of the game in 1999, I thought it would be out as early as 2001, but it didn't really happened.

I have read about Broussard's obsession of never releasing a bad game in favor of taking time and perfection to getting all correct down to the bottom, and that includes the interactivity (e.g doing some crazy things like taking a leak in the toilet, using the drawing board and all those freedom of interactivity inside it. But in the process, ex-3D Realm alumni now Gearbox CEO, Randy Pitchford said that Broussard funded 20-30 million dollars of own money over that period but couldn't get it done. Quote: "He (Broussard) was committed to the point of insanity."

So in May 5 2009, 3D Realms closed down. The lawsuit came in a week later and finally a year later, at the Penny Arcade Expo 2010 everyone got surprised with a work-in-progress build that is being played by the visitors there. Confirmation on Gearbox taking over the rights to the game came in on September 2010 on a press release. At that time, they said that most of the game content has been completed and virtually the next few months is on polishing and tweaking, before the release date was announced a week plus ago.

The above video is a live demo taken from Amsterdam gaming convention a few months ago.

14 years is long the wait.

Malaysia in Blue Lantern Program

The Blue Lantern Program is defined as follows:

Initiated in September 1990 as the first systematic end-use check program, the Blue Lantern program has strengthened export controls and has proven to be a useful instrument in: 1) deterring diversions, 2) aiding the disruption of illicit supply networks used by rogue governments and international criminal organizations, and 3) helping the Department make informed licensing decisions and ensuring compliance with the AECA and the ITAR.  End-use checks performed under the Blue Lantern program have significantly encouraged compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and have proven particularly effective in addressing the growing problem of gray arms trade (the use of fraudulent export documentation to acquire defense articles through legitimate channels for end-users inimical to U.S. interests).  U.S. embassy personnel, or, in some instances, DDTC personnel, conduct Blue Lantern end-use checks abroad to verify the specific end-use and end-user of commercial defense exports and transfers controlled under the AECA.

Excerpt from: Federation of American Scientists

Wikileaks on 21 January released another cable that involves Malaysia from its Sao Paulo cable. This is the latest of the documents that pointed Malaysia's involvement with AVIBRAS, Brazil's aerospace company. The cable was dated  9 January 2009 and judging by the content of the document, it involves defence contracts with the Ministry of Defence (Najib was the Defence Minister / Deputy Prime Minister during that period mentioned before Pak Lah took over a few months before the end of his premiership.)

AVRIBAS had a 1000 page contract signed with the Malaysian government that includes product descriptions and comprehensive product blueprints. This would be the second contract signed with the Malaysia. The first one was signed back in 2000. AVRIBAS principally manufactures ASTROII missiles (Artillery Saturation Rocket System) and other air-to-air missile. 

So what's the idea of having those ASTROII missiles? How much does it cost? Anyone can fill in the blanks?

The main excerpt of the cable is as follows:

2. (SBU) AVIBRAS's supporting documentation included an approximately 1,000 page long sales contract from the Government of Malaysia. It included detailed descriptions of the product, including blueprints. A Principle Deputy Assistant Secretary level representative of the Government of Malaysia (GoM) had signed the contract and it contained the original seal of the GoM. Hassuani also showed original documentation from a similar contract with the GoM in 2000. Plaques, given as gifts to his company for its services from various countries' militaries, decorated an entire wall in his office. Hassuani even showed Econoff his Association of the U.S. Army card, showing his membership since 1984. 

3. (SBU) ABIBRAS has four sites, divided into munitions, armor and plating, civilian, and administrative. The compounds themselves are located some distance from the main road and protected by security guards. The munitions facility is located about one mile off kilometer 14 of the Tamoios highway, near the city of Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil. Upon arrival to the compound, the security guard requested Econoff turn off his cell phone, even though there appeared to be no reception available in the isolated compound. AVIBRAS also retains a member of the Brazilian Air Force to serve as their security liaison. The liaison officer conducts background investigations and grants security clearances to all AVIBRAS employees and contractors, in addition to periodic reviews of compound security. 

4. (SBU) AVIBRAS principally manufactures the Artillery Saturation Rocket System (ASTROS II). AVIBRAS also manufactures air-to-air missile delivery systems for Embraer jet fighters, civilian explosives, fuses, and the missiles themselves. They also have developed an unmanned drone. AVIBRAS does not serve as a broker, which Hassuani says is against Brazilian law. They import the parts for their systems and then manufacture the delivery systems themselves. After the product is complete, workers place it in a container and a Government of Brazil (GoB) customs agent travels to the factory to seal the container. The container is not opened again until the end-user receives delivery of the unit. 

5. (SBU) AVIBRAS sells exclusively to governments. According to Hussuani, they have sold equipment to the following countries' militaries: Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Malaysia, Brunei, Morocco, Angola, Columbia, Chile, and Ecuador. The GoB must approve all transactions and it does deny sales to certain countries. Hassuani showed Econoff a list of the denied countries, which included Iran, Israel, and Ecuador. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Are We Waiting Another 50 Years For Real Justice To Happen?

Navindran, the third cop named in the Kugan beating case in Subang Jaya got off scott free on Friday. Of course, those involved in the case were not satisfied of the outcome. There is a witness statement saying that Navindran beating Kugan in the police lockup there. 

There were two other police officers involved. Two others are Malay officers. But it's Gani Patail that said only Navindran was accused of torturing Kugan.

Is there a problem of not prosecuting the other two officers involved? 

Is it because that will make some groups of people very angry the moment they are hauled in the court out of making this issue racism that a Malay beat an Indian? 

Will it take 50 years like in the past only to declare a dead person innocent of all crimes?

Colin Ross, the first person falsely sentenced to death in Australia was declared innocent 100 years later.
Joan of Arc was declared innocent of alleged heresy and witchcraft approximately 30 years after being burnt at stake.
Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter - a boxer was declared innocent after 20 years plus after being framed for murder.
Napoleon was proven to be poisoned with arsenic by the English in his exile in St. Helena nearly 200 years after his death.

If real justice takes shape 50 years after that happen, then it is too late for people to find out. Some of us at that time may no longer be alive on earth to see it happen? Why do we need to wait that long to find out? With all that modern technology to help improve investigation processes, that shouldn't take that really long? Are those in the corridors of power or belonging to the big mob group in real fear over invert surveillance at themselves? Is paranoia driving them to behave crazily?

We all don't like to wait that too long, aren't we all? 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Voters Primer of Logical Thinking for Tenang By-Election


The campaigning for the Tenang by-election campaign is still on until tomorrow midnight and at this point of time, there is still less than 48 hours for the people in the small town of Tenang to decide whether to pick either one of the two candidates - Normala from PAS or Azahar from BN. From what I have observed and gather information so far, the premises and scenarios that the voters are facing in there after various jabs between two parties after another are:

1. You are voter that wants to change for the better but unsure of whether whether the choice you would make this Sunday is a good or a bad choice.
2. Is this party that you are thinking to vote good or not?
3. Whether the party is factually corrected as projected by the word of mouth from either party front or not.
4. "Better deal with the devil than the angel you don't know."
5. Complacency mindset of the older generation of voters.

These are among the few scenarios that the voters are in dilemma of and in order for them to decide properly whom to decide before going to the polling station, I thought it would be a good idea to write a little primer out here for voters to decide on which party to pick. Anyhow, the final decision is up to you people to decide. But remember - each decision has vast consequences so, don't whine if you made the wrong choice as it is a clear penalty and the price to pay for each mistake (very expensive indeed).

Disclaimer: Just to stress in this primer is that I do not put leanings on one party but is based on objective analysis.

Anyhow, the most common problem that voters particularly in this case is "dealing with the devil syndrome", but we will cover to that shortly. Now, on to logical thinking:

"Voting for PAS is voting for an Islamic nation with Islamic laws"

This claim by the Chua Soi Lek about such thing above is bullshit. Facts established in to prove that it is not as true as he claims to be.

Logic: If Malaysia is to use Islamic laws, the Federal constitution must be amended and it must get the consent from the Malay rulers council. You need 148 out 222 MPs to vote for the amendment (2/3rd majority). But then, in the last few editions of the general PAS only contests for 48 parliamentary seats average. Using mathematics, is 48 / 222 equivalent to 2/3? Therefore, there is no need to worry about voting PAS is equivalent to implementing Islamic laws. 

Logic: PAS cannot pursue that agenda without the consensus of its coalition partners of DAP and PKR presently. Even if they want to do that law in state nation, they would surely get consensus from the people and event the Sultan's consent to do so. So it's no run in the mill task job and no need to worry about it.
The problem raised when Barisan raise this kind of race-religion card is that it makes people think that PAS is a Taliban-style party with all of its outlook and appearance. But on the close look, it is revealed that the number of Malay-educated professionals in PAS are far more than UMNO and much more competent than its other parties are. Look at the picture above from Malaysiakini? If you apply your logical thinking, that sentiment actually doesn't exist at all!

"PAS is second-standard to DAP as they are the ones that call the shots"

Logic: DAP and PAS have in the past years were proven to demonstrate real racial-harmony together in many occasions recently. The 2004 disaster of partnership has actually became lessons of working together in a coalition, with mutual respect for one another. As the saying goes, it takes two hands to clap. Look at this picture above from the Malaysian Insider. The claim that they are second-standard to DAP as perceived by MCA is not accurate. And it simply paints the inside picture of the two parties.

Logic: MCA goes around and says to people that they offer themselves to protect and represent the Chinese. Likewise, this also goes to UMNO who offer themselves to represent the Malays. This is still on the present situation now. The question here is - they represent your race but from whom?

The fact has been established that the last conflict that involved Malaysia, the Emergency ended 50 years ago. World War 2 - where the Japanese runs Malaysia ended 65 years ago. If those conflicts are no longer happening right now, so what those two parties defending their race from? It indirectly paints the picture that - Malays are the enemies of the Chinese, and vice-versa.
Logic: Having viewing the political pattern trend between UMNO and its big partners, the method of inter-party problem solving is in big contrast of PR, contrary to what it was written on paper. The structure has become more or less as UMNO a.k.a. Class 1 party, MCA / MIC as Class 2 party, while the other BN component parties have become Class 3 parties. This was by simple implies that UMNO dictates the whole thing while Class 2 and Class 3 parties will have to obey to the latter, like the "yes man" system.

For example: if there is a religion-related issue, a big man from UMNO (but still within the coalition) will say "please stop politicizing" - a message actually has been sent out to the other component parties to toe their lines.

Rais: People in Tenang must remember UMNO-BN's deeds

The statement from what Rais (the minister fingered out in the rape of an Indonesian maid case) said to the people in Tenang. Also, look at a similar statement made by Muhyiddin about don't make the mistake. However, Bernama's reputation is being a right-wing news channel way from the beginning and see how it spins.

Logic: The inverse of the statement is- if you don't vote for us, you are called as ungrateful. This is a subtle way of intimidating the voters. It clearly robs the people of the idea of deciding by yourself and cast. A vote is a person's decision, not to be forced by others. From information of some people there, MCA too sometimes use this tactic as well. The statement is much more direct like "You should be more grateful that we helped you."

Logic: No need to feel intimidated or afraid straight away. You don't have to take that claim straight away. If you really think there should be a change, just send your message in the form of your ballot. Yes, you do have to be aware of some people intimidating you by saying that if you vote for opposition that there will be bad things happening to you and so forth. No need to be that serious but being yourself. 

BN Says That Have A Good Record While Opposition Doesn't Have Any

Logic: Many would agree face first, but the logic is that how can the opposition will be able to show their record of what they do if you do not put them up first? All the time, they are in the opposition area and of course to see and judge which party does better, at least the opposition will have to be a representative for at least one term to see the result. This is where many people do not know and foolish about it.

Logic: Fine, have we looked at what the previous assemblyman / parliamentarian has done to your constituency? Have you noted down and even bother to talk to your assemblyman about what he / she has done to your community? What are the accomplishments from the late Sulaiman Taha's in Tenang? Did they do build the school that the Chinese in Tenang have asked for? These are the tons of questions that voters must asked themselves seriously, not to become complacent and lazy thinkers and just stick to the same old same old. If you think that the dead old croon doesn't do much previously, then change to another party. Who knows if the person from the other party can do better and fulfill things faster than waiting longer to get whatever you want?

"Better To Deal With The Devil Than Dealing With The Angel You Don't Know" Syndrome

Comment: This is where people get wrong. This is where people get caught with the pants down. This is where people do not think far enough. This is where people get slack and complacent.

Logic: No one is controlling you. You just have to do what is right rather than following the whim of others.

Logic: Think this: If you try to deal with the devil and you lose, then what are you? You end up dancing to the devil's tune. For example: you trust party A, and no sooner a few months after that you are suffering from price inflation of fuel. What does that tell you? Nothing or they have broken their promise of taking their welfare? This illustrates the example of not following your instinct. If your instinct prompts you to change for better, then don't stick and go for the angel you don't know. There is a saying: if you work for the devil, be prepared to die for him.

Logic: There are others who are not that lucky as you but staying in the same area and could not benefit as you do. We didn't see the others. You can't clap with just one hand without seeing and clapping other hands. The other hands is none other than your friends outside your race.

Comment: I have read an interview with several people in Labis, as it was written in the Malaysian Insider a few days ago. I take an excerpt here:

“Most of us are comfortable. I can say more than 80 per cent of villagers here are not facing difficulties,” said Razak Ahmad, who owns a rubber and palm oil smallholding in his village of Kampung Tenang.

- Example of complacency and lack of social awareness of other races. Shouldn't we see from the eyes of others?

“During Pak Lah’s time, the increase was very sharp. We were shocked and many shops took advantage of the hike, maybe that caused the opposition to increase their votes,” said local resident Mazlan Ibrahim.
- I view that as the case of person who wants to change but couldn't do so out of the fear of repercussion and other things. There is nothing to be worried about of picking something unusual.


So where do we go from here? Social awareness of the problems in the country for people there is lower than those in major urban cities. And I noticed that due to lack of awareness of voter rights and the real factual logical news, people can get spooked easily, or people do not have any knowledge of all of which party is contesting and the background of candidates contesting for proper analysis and decision making.

There are also cases where parties come in and make tons of promises before election but those promises never happened at all. Or consider if you vote that party but the party later increases petrol prices (claims to care for people but instead burdening it), do you think that there are false promises made from the beginning, all just to get your support? 

It would be nice if I thought that this last minute primer prepared can get people to think. But the Felda Uncles and Aunties there at times have blind faith to the party even though they at times think of need of change. One of the nature of law's rules that everyone of us forget is that there is no such omnipotence in life.

The news in papers and TV are not entirely accurate, so a voter will have to use whatever logic and application as to help you decide correctly which candidate you want. The latest survey on the ground there shows that most people have already decided to choose whom they want way from the beginning with other factors will not influence them last minute. But there is a word of caution there: it's just like in other places - that casting your vote is like a move in a game of chess. Make the wrong move, and everyone pays the price for the mistakes of the majority. 

So it's happy voting on Sunday, I suppose.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When The Dollar Dies

Maybe nobody in the government is keen to listen about the destined demise of the US Dollar and the need to keep its reserves. The death of the dollar will be a domino effect as the moment the currency dies, whatever that Malaysia holds will become toilet paper and worthless. Period.

There is the obsession of saying that no one should touch on managing the economy apart from one main party that is Barisan Nasional, but are they really aware of this problem looming around?

There would be hyperinflation soon. Which is why they need to stock up in non-Dollar assets.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Selangor: It Takes Another 6 To Amend

There are no prizes from today's event. Everything was anticipated. There was no two-thirds required to amend article 52 of the Selangor State constitution. That is simply because PR does not have the numbers to reach the 2/3rd quota of 38 assemblymen or more. It was 34 PR assemblymen vs 20 BN assemblymen. But the outcome of this event is that this has showed that there is a need and awareness by the people to return the power back to the people.

Calling it a politically motivated move by BN, it is actually and all's fair and square idea to both sides in the future. It is also a win-win case, simply because the Sultan, as part of the formalities in appointing the three officials related to this matter, can have a much better say with a Menteri Besar in deciding who is much more caliber in running those three posts, rather than having the Public Services commission shoving the list of decided names right into the face. 

If the BN happens to be in PR's shoes in future, they do too stand to benefit from that amendment as well. Why would you want to take an idiot recommended to become a State Secretary if those recommendations from the PSC are all those bullshit people whereas your pool of people are more better than them?

It is also viable to say that it is a moral victory for Selangorians, and following today's event, it actually gives more ammunition for Barisan Nasional to get whacked. Ammunition, that I can list from including:

1. It means from today onwards, BN cannot simply scream of "kedaulatan Raja-Raja anymore" and thus revealing their hypocrisy of championing the Malay race. They keep screaming PR menderhaka and so forth, but it looks that they are lying in their teeth. 

2. It means that they are hypocrites from the beginning and are clearly not willing to return real power to people.

3. Out of the 20 BN assemblymen present, there are two MCA assemblymen there, one from Kuala Kubu Bahru and another from Sungai Pelek. With these two among the rest of the UMNO men, surely if the head says must, then the others will have to follow. If UMNO says Ketuanan Melayu, then the others will have to follow. Sounds like Machai, isn't it? If they are on their personal view, will they actually support it or not? Remember the saying of the double-whammy - even if you vote for MCA, you still vote for UMNO and Ketuanan Melayu indirectly!

4. PR would definitely use that BN's unwillingness in the Tenang campaign thing.

According to the house rules, a defeated proposal to amendment of state Constitution can't proceed for second reading unless there is a 2/3rd majority of votes. This means you need another at least 3 more assemblymen to vote for that proposal. MCA could have done that if by their conscience, but that is tantamount to betraying Barisan Nasional. UMNO won't do that because it violates their party agenda and stand, so as what my friend Aspan said earlier:

Jika rakyat Selangor masih mahukan pindaan itu, ianya mestilah diusulkan didalam Dewan Undangan penggal yang akan datang. Seandainya rakyat Selangor serius untuk perubahan itu maka mereka terpaksa berusaha menambah sekurang-kurangnya 3 kerusi tambahan lagi semasa pilihanraya yang akan datang.

Usaha kerajaan Selangor menambah bilangan kerusi didalam Dewan Undangan Negeri Selangor itu memerlukan ketabahan dan usaha yang gigih. Kata orang tua-tua, 'kalau tak dipecahkan ruyungnya, mana kan dapat sagunya'. Kejayaan akan hanya diberikan tuhan kepada pihak yang berusaha keras

If the people of Selangor wants to see that amendment happen, the people will need to kick and replace 6 BN assemblymen (to be on safe side) out via elections next round in addition to having the same set of PR assemblymen available. Of course, among the 6 of them 2 of them would be those MCA men mentioned above. And the other three to four will have to be from UMNO of course.

1. New opposition leader Satim Diman won the 2008 Sri Serdang seat by a skin of teeth of 45 people. Where it those 50 to 100 votes swing to the PR candidate, he would have been out.
2. The Sabak Bernam areas (Sungai Ayer Tawar and Sabak) were won by a very thin margin of 120 people average in both areas. Had there been more people voting, it could be both UMNO men kicked out.
3. Morib won by a 286 votes - pretty razor thin of course....

If Port Klang has a better more competent representative rather than Badrul Hisham, it could also count to having one more vote, right?  But everyone knows Badrul - less than a week after winning - was seen mingling with the wrong group.

So what now for Selangor? As what some civil society NGOs said, they need to be constantly on a high awareness of this thing and what they need to do to avoid the ill fate of Perak. As what Nizar described on Sunday, Najib and UMNO is playing King Kong and hypocrisy.With that event above, you can't play the hypocrisy game already.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Hormati Suara Rakyat Selangor Rally

Note: Hyperlinks in this posting represent news links that you can check out.

Heavy rain pour in today's event made it harder for people to participate in the HSRS rally. In the end, less than 500 people showed up, despite having various NGOs participating in that event including the NUBE, who were distributing flyers showing discimination on Maybank employees, Justice for Teoh Beng Hock, Bersih 2.0 and several assemblymen of the state. 

Heavy rain also caused some slight technical problems to the audio equipment and a delay of the start of show by about 1 hour. However, the good thing was, although planned to start early, it ended promptly before 7 pm.Various speakers today have also declared that the proposed amendment is more of returning the power back to the people since it was taken away following the 1993 amendment of removal of the rulers power and privileges. The whole event has been summarized in a Malaysiakini report.

There was a pre-recorded message by Raja Petra prior to the start of the event, which describes the necessity of the people to wake up and move forward, echoed by what former Perak MB Nizar said later on. The presence of constitution-expert Professor Aziz Bari was intended to summarize the proposed amendments to the state Constitution but it was emphasized  that it's not absolute monarchy.

Nizar at the end of his talk with his words "Hancur hancur"

There were digs at Khusrin by Khalid Samad and Nizar over how unqualified Khusrin is and how Putrajaya attempts to run over the procedure of the state's call on deciding the state secretary citing how Putrajaya let the Perak state secretary Abdul Rahman Hashim sabotaging everything.
More pics of the event at this link.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

TEOHLOGY for Sarcasm and Laughs

Patrick invited me for the book launch today and I was there a bit early for some light lunch before I went to the launch venue. I actually had seen the cover when I was walking in a shopping mall a week before today's launch. I knew that the content is very similar to the Tapai book by Hishamuddin Rais. It is perhaps the anthology of the articles that Patrick wrote for Off The Edge Magazine in the span of 5 years from 2005-2010.

It's one of the few occasions where I managed to meet up with a famous friend of my mother's and basically, I knew his writing style, sometimes with wit, humor and sarcasm, Malaysia-style even when I read some of his writings of his Niamah blog.. Well, this was evident way before I started reading it and by request of the audience, he read the October 2008 article about the contrast of people of Malaysia and Singapore, in view of the recent whacking of the Singapore Malays by the "senile old man" that is Madey. (short form for Mahathir) 

There a few showbiz personalities making cameos on that launch since they are well connected to Patrick. I just thought getting the book, I got it at a very special price, that I can find some laughs especially if I am in the beat down time -(read - down in emotion). So far, I only covered the first 3 pieces, but I thought a while why not let this Chinese comedian man Douglas Lim do a skit or narrate one of his articles?

I got laughing over the cover, surely it gives the "huh?" impressionism thing.

Seriously, I simply couldn't plot and arrange out my critical view on voting in Tenang by-election, due to exhaustion and the need to thought out whatever logical things to be considered - not emotional and on sentiment - by the voters there, so I thought that putting this up would at least give some cheer up.

Well, it seems that with tomorrow's Respect People of Selangor rally coupled with some other activities, I guess I would wrap up Saturday with a picture gallery of the event this afternoon. You can see some in my Facebook page here.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

On 23 January, It's R.E.S.P.E.C.T That Selangorians Wanted!

The rally this Sunday is obviously a clear message to be sent out to Putrajaya and the mob called UMNO in Selangor that Selangorians and people who stayed there are giving them a warning not to go overboard and behave like King Kong. There's only one thing that they want: R.E.S.P.E.C.T, as what the theme is all about.

Coming Sunday the event will be in the stadium, so which means, that there can't be any excuse to say that this is an illegal gathering or some sort. There have been a few events here organized lately, including the aftermath of Beng Hock's death, the protest against fuel hikes by Pak Lah's administration in 2008, and Anwar Ibrahim's claim of crossovers by 16 September 2008, that sadly didn't happen really of course. 

It is a message to Putrajaya to say that Selangor doesn't want Khusrin as state secretary and to tell them that you need to get Selangor's signature for that appointment, not just barging into the door. It is also pre-ample warning, a wise step as to avoid a repeat of what happened to Perak in February 2009. They do not want Khusrin to be like another Abdul Rahman Hashim (the Perak state secretary who Nizar accused him of sabotaging everything). 

Of course, people would be very angry if Putrajaya, UMNO and its associates decide to go King Kong mode on this! You wouldn't want that, don't you?

More By-Elections Ahead?

As mentioned yesterday, the Port Klang seat was declared vacant by the state Speaker as the representative who went out of PKR Badrul Hisham has failed to attend any sitting in the space of six months, as according to the official attendance records in the State Assembly. The failure to attend resulting in vacancy has been defined clearly in the state Constitution and of course we are likely to see more election fever in the space of one month.

And as reported by Malaysiakini, it seems that the Merlimau state assemblyman is in critical condition -  a weak heart condition to say. If things get to worse, it seems that there is going to be another one in February.

Because the 3 year post-election rule is not over yet, there is still more by-elections to be coming in the next 6 to 7 weeks. And man, in this by-election fever, we have seen people making good money from property rental, setting up temporary stalls and of course more public enforcement manpower crowding over one place.

And of course, there is "offering" thing that BN would want to go ahead days before the nomination period.

But the by-election fever until to this day could not stand as great as in Permatang Pauh or in Bukit Gantang.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Markom, Normala and Tenang

After Normala Sudirman was announced as the candidate for the Tenang by-election, the education department intended to move her headmaster husband down south to Johor Bahru (200 km away from Segamat). They were wondering why now when the by-election is around the corner. The first impression is obviously about the party they support. But the department's excuse is about failure to control Normala , for what really? When the couple told the education department that they would hold a news conference or report to the MACC, the Johor Education department backed down. -  Strike One

And the education department director was caught on video speaking to schools in Segamat to organize programs, and mustering support for government (BN of course) and of course categorizing which schools in Segamat under green or blue. Though he tried to deny it, it is already too late. For it is said that this is a misused of privilege to campaign for a political party. - Strike Two

School counsellors were asked to visit houses of parents as an insidious way to see which parent supports which party and so forth. In fact out of those series of events, Markom Giran has two strikes. This is Strike Three.

If this is not Malaysia, Giran would have been fired from the job. And this video is definitely going to make its rounds in Tenang by PR if those taboo words still remain in force. You know what taboo words that I am referring to, right?

This means BN got caught with the pants down on this moment.

Monday, January 17, 2011

New and Demented Ways To Cheat In Election!

Everybody strongly disagreed with the crazy idea by the Election Commission to have a proxy voting. The concept of it is to have someone to go on your behalf to vote. It simply is too risky and too dangerous. Giving of the current situation the idea can be exploited and can be misused. I tend to believe, base on the current political scenario where the incumbent government, the UMNO mob is trying keep in power, they may have to resort to various tactics to cheat in the election game. No doubt that many perceive the Election Commissionn as the unofficial Barisan Nasional component and agent asides from the police and the MACC.

It's a good thing that everyone from the entire political divide say no to that idea. But in that situation, only the MIC and UMNO are keeping very quiet on this.

There have been cases of phantom voters that sharp-eye people would detect coming from other places to come in to vote on a polling day. The numbers never stopped from there. It keeps going and going, and doesn't stop at all. To have that system is to make things worse than the current wreck we are in.
Simply put, with the current system still deemed not clean enough by the civil society and various NGOs, we are definitely not ready for the proxy voting system. Though I clearly admit that it is being used in other countries, we are simply not mature enough yet to use this system. Gerakan is against it, many opposition parties are against it and other civil societies are against it. It would be better to stick back to having an automated registration system so that people just go in and vote. It actually saves a lot of time of people going to the EC office. To abstain from voting is also a form of democracy.

As everyday goes, there have been new and demented ways BN to cheat and win the election game because they are facing the writing on the wall that they might not last long like a victim of terminal cancer.

If that thing is not enough, then there is this tactic by Johor Education department man to have the husband of a candidate transferred over because of the by-election, or marking the areas as green and blue...I mean this reminded me of how government servants in Putrajaya were "diugut" by Tengku Adnan to support BN or face the sack from the job. That is a real cheat game out there, and scum like that man above know no shame just to keep themselves in power.

How long do people need to be in sleep mode before we get up to realize Malaysia has gone upside down?
How long do we need to be keep being told of a lie before we realize it is too late?
How long do we need to follow something blindly even though we realize what we do could be wrong?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chill Out: Magic Show

Victor Voitko's magic show that won the Grand Prize. It's wrapping up this weekend's chill out.

Indirectly Squabbling Among Themselves?

Someone naive asked today, of a group with a traffic light colour flag at the azan case in Pantai Dalam. That flag is obviously belonging to the PEKIDA group, a definite cell under UMNO. It's just in the similar capacity like PERKASA, except in the past few months, PERKASA is more active than them - well, if you can count how many times Ibrahim Ali's party is mentioned in the news, paper or online.

It's just like Sinn Fein and IRA. If UMNO is Sinn Fein, then the IRA, the military wing is as PEKIDA.

PEKIDA also made some headlines in two cases, for example the Ijok by-election in 2007, the Muslim conversion discussion forum at the Bar Council office in December 2007 and the sort of things. But as the original objective mentioned is to form the first line of defence if another May 13 riots happen again. They are obviously trying to provoke another Ops Lalang again. But people are gradually wisen up to this and are wary of a repeat, so at least there's some sort of watching up happening now.

Anyway, the next day after that this MCA VP broke silence about regulating volumes for the azan. Miss Gan should have done it way....back earlier before those bunch of jokers started to scream at Teresa Kok over the same matter. If you can see the phrase "Breaking MCA’s silence on the issue" it clearly stated that MCA should have way back in the beginning have the guts to tell the big boss, UMNO about this problem. Well, discounting the "religion factor" out of it, what would old citizens or the sick people in particular would feel if the prayers blare out loud in the morning in particular? There is nothing great to show about by blaring it out, so long as if Muslim people perform their daily duty of prayer. This is not the problem.

When MCA starts talking about, it, people from PMO, e.g Jamil said "please don't politicize this issue". It gives an impression of "hey, shut up, turn away" at all costs to its party partner. Taking this as an example, how come MCA and MIC, have the guts to stand up and check up with UMNO in some matters? Sometimes, an argument is necessary to drill the point into the big boss' mind. I don't really think that MCA has improved much from way back and they are still stuck at one square with OTK voted out last time. 

From what Miss Gan's questioning above, even Barisan Nasional has their own squabbling. But the problem solving approach that BN takes above is more the follow big boss thing, even if the boss is wrong. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's A Matter of When We Wake Up - Now or After Regrets!

Tunisia's president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali has fled his country after weeks of mass protests culminated in a victory for people power over one of the Arab world's most repressive regimes.

Ben Ali had taken refuge in Saudi Arabia, at the end of an extraordinary day which had seen the declaration of a state of emergency, the evacuation of tourists of British and other nationalities, and an earthquake for the authoritarian politics of the Middle East and north Africa.

After hours of conflicting reports had him criss-crossing southern Europe by air, the Saudi state news agency confirmed he had arrived in the kingdom together with his family. Earlier, French media reported that Nicolas Sarkozy had refused Ben Ali refuge, although France denied that any request had been received.

In Tunisia, prime minister Mohamed Ghannouchi announced that he had taken over as interim president, vowing to respect the constitution and restore stability for Tunisia's 10.5 million citizens. "I call on the sons and daughters of Tunisia, of all political and intellectual persuasions, to unite to allow our beloved country to overcome this difficult period and to return to stability," he said in a broadcast.

But there was confusion among protesters about what will happen next, and concern that Ben Ali might be able to return before elections could be held. "We must remain vigilant," warned an email from the Free Tunis group, monitoring developments to circumvent an official news blackout.

Ben Ali, 74, had been in power since 1987. On Thursday he announced he would not stand for another presidential term in 2014, but the move came after Tunisia had been radicalised by weeks of street clashes and the killings of scores of demonstrators. Today in the capital police fired teargas to disperse crowds unmoved by the president's concession and demanding his immediate resignation. A state of emergency and a 12-hour curfew did little to restore calm. Analysts said that the army would be crucial.

Last night, soldiers guarded ministries, public buildings and the state TV building. Public meetings were banned, and the security forces were authorised to fire live rounds.

Tunis's main avenues were deserted except for scores of soldiers. Protesters, some of whom had earlier been beaten and clubbed by police in the streets, still sheltered in apartment buildings. Army vehicles were stationed outside the interior ministry. Opposition leader Najib Chebbi, one of Ben Ali's fiercest critics, captured the sense of historic change. "This is a crucial moment. There is a change of regime under way. Now it's the succession," he said. He added: "It must lead to profound reforms, to reform the law and let the people choose."

Al-Jazeera television reported that a unnamed member of Ben Ali's wife's family had been detained by security forces at the airport in the capital, Tunis. Le Monde reported later that a plane carrying Ben Ali's daughter and grandaughter had landed near Paris. Hatred of the president's relatives, symbols of corruption and cronyism, has galvanised the opposition in recent weeks.

Tunisians had been riveted by revelations of US views of the Ben Ali regime in leaked WikiLeaks cables last month.

The US led international calls for calm and for the Tunisian people to be given a free choice of leaders.
"I condemn and deplore the use of violence against citizens peacefully voicing their opinion in Tunisia, and I applaud the courage and dignity of the Tunisian people," said Barack Obama.


Arab continent today was rocked by two moments of day of rage: In Tunisia, mass demos and pressure have eventually forced the Tunisian president to flee the country, subsequently marking the end to the 23-year as president for that man himself. People get angry because of various problems such as mass corruption, cronyism and then they could not stand anymore of police coming in and clamping down on gatherings to show displeasure at the government.

What happened in Tunisia became a domino effect. In Jordan, people protest because of the mass inflation that is happening to the country. They scream via banners that "united government has sucked your blood". It is no doubt that people in Jordan may have started to realize that they could have been cheated by the government of the day over various promises

The case in Tunisia was far worse than in Jordan. But why does this happen is of the matter of when people start to realize that bad things are happening to the country and do the change to stop the rot. The people of Tunisia have already what we called as "wake up" and started to go for a drastic reform. So happens in Jordan.

Here, when I saw Guardian's timeline on the events leading to Ben Ali's departure, I noticed it's similarity to some of its years here. For instance:

2004 Ben Ali is re-elected once more, again receiving an unlikely 94.5% of the votes. Opposition party the Democratic Progressives withdraws two days before the vote, branding Tunisia's political system "a masquerade of democracy"

This raises a question mark. Malaysia is technically guided democracy, from the current workings. But look around at the events that is happening in Malaysia and see of that in Tunisia. Sound familiar?

The question of wake up is when? Now or when the worst happened only people would wake up? If the latter, it would be too late. What about now? Seems like Malaysia is very similar in the lines of the two what's the action like?

Surely This is The Answer!

Surely this is the answer to Beng Hock's murder! What does this alternate view picture tell you?

They said that Beng Hock was still sleeping around at 6 am. The said that he died around 7.15 am - 11.15 am.

But look at the tear in the pants. What does it tell you?

Let me tell my perspective here.

It seems that some MACC people were still unhappy with Beng Hock's answers over to their questions.  They were thinking of resuming the session after his nap on the couch. There were some bad apples involved in the investigation wanted him to simply finger any PR Selangor assemblyman. They were thinking with the kind of "I don't know look" facial expression, Beng Hock is lying in the teeth. So some yahoo man suggested a drastic way to make him talk. They intimidated him in the way of having 2-3 men dragging him off and threaten to drop his ass of the building unless Beng Hock gives a name. And this is at the 14th floor.

Beng Hock absolutely has no idea at all. They were trying to drop him to see if they can get an answer from him. 

But the stunt pulled by those officers went wrong. The pants started to tear. They could not have a proper grip to pull Beng Hock back. They were too late, and Beng Hock fell to his death. Horrified at the stunt going wrong, they had to cover up many things - fingerprints, mess, footprints, etc.. to avoid being implicated in future.

You don't need to be a genius to say that. You just have to use your brain very hard. So that mystery letter that surfaced in August 2009 plays a part of this. This should solve the Beng Hock mystery. Why go for the RI when simple thinking and analysis could answer everything that has been paid for the coroner inquest or the royal commission. Third degree interrogation tactics used by MACC to interrogate people? Yes, it happened!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Makes Everyone Angry, Ain't So?

I am not going to add further to what I say, apart from what Najib is saying in the morning above, but surely this would violate the MSC agreement signed in 1998 between the MNCs and Dr. M's admistration at that time. But with a lot of skeletons in Najib and his ministers closets, they need to cover things up. But in other countries, that doesn't happen. MPs and even Presidents get sent to jail for crimes and corruption committed. But in Bolehland, just because of their King Kong style behavior, it is the other way round. Up is down, black is white....

A.N: Cakap-cakap Mat Mongol

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 13 — Datuk Seri Najib Razak today warned of the effects of unregulated Internet use, and said unfettered access to Western culture would decimate Asian values and heritage.
His comments are expected to renew fears that the government may still renege on its pledge to not censor the Internet as part of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), after it was reported that the Information Ministry had previously evaluated the possibility of a blocking out “undesirable websites”.
Political foes had then attacked the proposal as an attempt by the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) government to quash online political dissent.
Following public outcry, the Cabinet later abandoned the proposal, which was subsequently described as only a feasibility study.
Today, the prime minister stressed that cyberspace must be managed to protect Asian society from exposure to the “negative influences” of Western culture.
He said that governments must formulate a code of ethics for Internet use to ensure that is remains “governable”.
“Indecency and anarchy can seep in into any environment that is not anchored on any cultural roots and our values.
“Our culture and our heritage are what make us unique and it is important that we educate our peoples never to abandon what makes them uniquely Asian,” he said during his keynote address at the tenth Asean Telecommunications and Information Technology Ministers Meeting.
He said that that Asian values must not be compromised in the name of development.
“Our children and future generations of Asean should retain their Asian cultural values and they must be protected from the threats on the Internet,” he said.
He added that the public must be educated on how to use the Internet in a responsible manner.
Aside from the controversial Net filter — said to be in the vein of the “Great Firewall of China” — the ruling administration has also called for a registry of bloggers, many of whom are said to be anti-establishment.

This Is Where Old Men Get Bash Up

A lot of beans involving sex of BN politicians got spilled recently. For example, the alleged "maid rape" finger-pointing at Rais Yatim, Jamalluddin Jarjis' groped a waitress at Le Meridien, Pornstar Chua's sex in the hotel room and so on - those are a few instances that caught BN by the pants down largely due some "own surveillance" work by normal citizens and the online community.

In fact, the citizens own brand of surveillance over Barisan Nasional's mismanagement has contributed to their uncustomary losses in the 2008 GE. And then, the tons of exposure on Taib Mahmud's mismanagement and abuse of wealth is driving most of these old men bonkers.

And of course it is no strange that these old men, e.g Rais Yatim, Hishamuddin, and Nazri are about to announce a series of guidelines pertaining to the definition of "online sedition".  Only at the feudal age. Until we get to hear what defines as "online sedition", we can first of all say that it is tantamount to online censorship.

There have been several attempts to introduce online censorship, e.g Green Filter, bloggers registration and classification, online monitoring of Wikileaks by Foreign ministry and other silly stupid things that Barisan Nasional would do, but whenever they open the mouth on that, people would bashed the old men who would suggest such a thing. For instance, last year, the old man by the name of Rais Yatim gets bashed left and right over Facebook, Twitter control. Many believed even in the capacity as the Minister of Communications, he doesn't even know how to use e-mail at all.

Yes, the government is very nervous over the Wikileaks and many of the alleged exposures of malpractices by the online community. They said that it is a lie., but if you study the pattern, the obvious trend is "if they say that is a lie, then it is actually true.". Translate that into a scenario: if politician A says that he has not heard nor received a military report on case X, that means, he actually heard and received it. Many exposures, including the soon to be released 1000 plus documents by Wikileaks on Malaysia is going to embarass Barisan Nasional, and they need to stop the damage via a few measures, online sedition is being one of the sinister things to see soon. If you think exposures like in Malaysia Today is as hallucinogen, think Wikileaks as hallucinogenic 5 times stronger

Don't forget that Britain, who once introduced the Sedition act previously, had abolished it themselves, in place of Freedom of Information Act, where any exposure is treated as something that needs to be investigated by the police and Scotland Yard in particular. Sedition Act is 63 years old. Time to go...but we're still seeing elements of neo-Feudalism here. 

Whatever these old men are doing is not going to go well with the online community. If misused by them, it is equivalent to privacy invasion. If there is solid proof of misconduct by politician exposed, they would shut you up a.l.a gangster style. If that happens, but politicians committing sex, isn't that banning what is legit while allowing what is wrong?

According to Hishammuddin, six existing laws will be incorporated into the guidelines - the Penal Code, Sedition Act 1948, Film Censorship Act 2001, Printing and Printing Publishes Act 1984, Multimedia and Communications Act 1998 and the Internal Security Act 1960. He said, “Offences will be charged under these six laws”.   - Mariam Mokhtar, Malaysia Chronicle

Say 5000 people do the same thing. That same thing falls under the those 6 laws. Are you going to send 5000 people who carry commit non-passion crimes like those to prison? Doesn't that sound like sending people into prison for just owning a copy of a book the government doesn't like? Well, this is coming very ugly in terms of people's privacy. Gomen is starting to get busy body, gawking at every single one of get ready...
And that is where there is no country for old men like those. That is where old men get bashed up by the world.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's 19 vs 51 Billion Worth To You?

Anwar Ibrahim said that if Pakatan were to take over the federal government by the next general election, the amount of expenditure to do the reforms mentioned in the 100 Day orange book will cost only RM 19 billion, which is only just more than 1/3rd of the amount that Najib's government claimed to do, which is at 51 billion.

This whole thing of Najib saying is crooning like what he did 3 years ago. He once said back in 2008 that if Pakatan were to reduce fuel prices (this was in reply to Anwar saying that he will reduce the fuel price by 50 sens per liter) Malaysia could go Greece, that is BANKRUPT. But here, there is a vast difference of 19 billion vs 51 billion over the same matter. Why pay 2.5 times more for things whereas you get the same quality for just 19 billion?

67 billion ringgit for ETP2, isn't that more of a waste of money with the current attitude of the government running things? And there is the putting the more Melayu over the others thing that UMNO is very obsessed about. But in the process, it alienates the rest of Malaysians and increases the rate of the brain drain going out of Malaysia. But why in the earth Najib's reformation plan costs 51 billion? Isn't the Najib method going to risk higher chance of bankruptcy, from what it seems to describe of?

Simple, there are consultant fees included in it. And there's the kickback money calculated. What kickbacks mean is that the return of investment money covered altogether from the start, instead of waiting for the monies to come in once the projects have been completed or so. These kickbacks are ultimately borne by the citizens themselves. Remember there was a saying that a child upon birth owes the nation RM14 K based on the current national debt. When Najib said that children and grandchildren's future will be in jeopardy if PR rules, it is also a double-edge sword. It also implies that BN, with this state is not able to handle and manage the country well. 

And to this day, there are still bulk of people still yet to awake from the dreamland. There is the need to give them the wake up kick as to realize. Sarawak is in trouble because of a similar Project M type as in Sabah. And if we all don't wake up, you can forget about better Malaysia in 20 years time. All because we were too stupid to follow.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hardly Mentioned, But It Implies of 2Malaysia

The story of Nik Aziz's meeting with the Agong on Christmas eve turned out to be true, although that it absolutely never showed up in government-controlled dailies. Nik Aziz was not told of the clear picture initially, as the invitation was relayed by the middleman of the show, Abdullah Badawi.

As story goes, it seems that Agong was indeed used as the mediator between PAS and UMNO on that night itself. There were a few men there, and of course in BN's end has Najib, Muhyiddin and Abdullah. After the dinner with the Agong, the 3 BN men started to talk about forming unity government with PAS with the excuse that the Malay rights are eroding, blah blah blah.

To my understanding, these old men were thinking of such myth that the Malay powers are eroding and so forth is simply because of the pre-Merdeka perception. Of course, for those who in particular who were born before Merdeka, Malaysia was used to be called Tanah Melayu, meaning Malay land. Translate directly from that above, it simply means that there is the phobia of other races, which were given rights to become citizens later on could soon overtake the natives of the land, a.k.a "Sons of the Earth" / Bumiputra. Perhaps this was the biggest fear of all - in the mind of some old men.

Of course, Nik Aziz, who had seen several occassions of invites to form a unity government turned them down outright, gave a very long lecture that three BN men could not even able to retort or rebutt Nik Aziz's statements. And of course, the Agong, caught in the mess, could not stand the crooning and decided to excuse himself, with Nik Aziz following suit saying he's not well and wants an early rest.

I happened to check and compare the story as what RPK said over his podcast recording here and Hishamuddin Rais' pseudo-satirical story of the event here and it turns out that both matches what really happened in the event. Unfortunately, Hisham's story is a little obfuscating because of the character names, meaning it is a little hard to figure who those characters are in real life. 

At the end of Hisham's version, it said:

Tetiba Lelaki Botak mencelah, ‘… jaga jaga hal perjumpaan kita ini jangan di ketahui oleh Mat Sabu.. Mahfuz.. Husam … dan jaga sikit Khalid Samad.. press pun jangan diberitahu…kalau Harakah.. Malaysikini tahu bahaya kita semua..Kalau I ditanya press I akan nafikan perjumpaan ini..

If you look at the last line, this is evident in Najib's keeping mum of that event (reported on MI, last Friday). But at least the leaked story of what transpired on Christmas eve clearly implies that 1Malaysia is more or less a rhetoric because since these men are talking about Malay unity government, which is in contrast of the 1Malaysia campaigning that is going all around, it clearly implies of wasting money for public relations exercise. There's still the residue of Ketuanan Melayu going around and at this time, it's doubt that it would die down yet.

Perhaps WB Yeat's phrase of "No Country for Old Men" is appropriate for these old men running Malaysia.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snub By Their Fellow Partymen

Note: This is also considered as part 4 of the UMNO general assembly commentary.

Last week, Khairy has decided that if there is a snap election coming soon, he decided not to defend his current Rembau seat. Everyone knows that his influence waned after his father-in-law Abdullah Badawi got kicked out office. Even if he happens to be the UMNO Youth Chief, he was not given a ministerial post at all, in favor of Mukhriz. Many feared of his influence again, especially, those who are in the Mahathir camp knew how influential can he be with the 4th-floor boys and some other known associates of his including Kalimullah Hassan.

Lately, there has been some suspicion that Khairy was involved or shall we say that he had a hand in the Alcatel case kickbacks, which mentions of two consultants (one is said to be him) receiving a significant amount of RM 700K in total from Alcatel. Note: this was noted in the Department of Justice trial vs Alcatel recently.  This is one suspiscion. Another one is being of someone also recently said that Khairy, and a few other people were involved in monies amounting to RM152 billion of offshore money stashed outside in Indonesia that is to bring back in about dozens of boxes, and it includes monies belonging to Daim Zainuddin (the RM 1000 and RM 500 notes) . To sum thing short, it might be to avoid risking going to jail over that, Khairy was advised to take time off from everything, as it theorized by some other bloggers as well.

But the alleged conduct above is not what I want to say, but it could be discussed in sometime later or so.

When Khairy decided to take a break as was reported last week, one of the things that I felt that could be attributed to his decision is of course of the saying "snubbed by their own kind". And this clearly puts be back to the story at the UMNO general assembly at the end of October. It was said that even though Khairy gave a speech worth of his two cents to be considered by other UMNO youth members. Reaction was not that very exciting. But when Reezal Merican's speech was delivered, the UMNO youth crowd there roared with approval. This goes the same as in Najib's. When Najib tries to speak about 1Malaysia, ETP, as what Dr. Mahathir said before, not many get the idea or fully understand his short form concepts. In fact, there are too many alphabets to be juggled, e.g...NKRA, ETP, NEM, all this kind of things that makes people confused as well. The audience there are not warm to liberalising the national economy, particularly if you have members who are also PERKASA members as well. But when Najib sings the tune of defending Putrajaya, even at the cost of lives lost, bones crushed, etc.. UMNO roared in excitement. The members there agreed...

(Note: compare what Khairy said and Reezal said. Quite contrasting isn't it)

So what does that mean to both Khairy and Najib there? It means that if they are trying to sing their tune to the others to follow suite, they get snubbed. On the other hand, the hard-line hawkish approached tune is what the grassroot members would accept. And of course the tune would contain the Ketuanan Melayu chords woven into it. We can say that no one wanted to listen to one person's tune only, right?

As RPK said recently in "Suck your way up to the ladder", an UMNO man has to be 30:70, being 30 percent loyal to party, 70 percent loyal to the leader in order climb up the party hierarchy ladder. If they try to be 100 percent loyal to party, chances of promotion are low. Shahrir Samad was one of those, RPK cited, who fall under that category of living and dying in UMNO. Ku Li is also another prominent figure. In the context above, Ku Li thought by becoming the party leader after Abdullah was kicked out, he could reform the party from within. But in terms of nomination, he got snubbed everywhere by the division leaders in favor of Najib. People at times asked him, why not go to other parties because of that. But surely, Ku Li would not do that because of the "living and dying in UMNO" thing. There are other few people from UMNO too whom I have met that share the same thing. 100% loyalty to the party. 

Aspan (another of the 100% man, whom matches the description above), recently wrote two - expect lot of teh tarik sessions among those who snub the other members and got kicked out in the end (e.g, I snubbed Mr. A because his views, though best, is not in party trend, etc). I grinned, when Aspan wrote this at the end:
Kepada pemimpin yang akan turun jika kalah dalam PRU nanti silalah, saudara saudara boleh berkawan dengan saya. Kita jumpa dikedai-kedai kopi mamak dimana-mana yang dekat dengan rumah saya. Saya tunggu. 
Yes, these machos will have to be ready for drinking in sorrows thing. Snubbing thing is somewhat shows how blind can some people be. Maybe if silence can mean of letting these people fall into the problem mire and you sarcastically say to them, "I told you so." 


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