Sunday, January 2, 2011

Malaysia's What's Want To See in 2011

1. Snap election fever, second quarter 2011
2. United Malays National Organisation getting humble pies...
3. Our Malay friends waking up from the cheats and being lied upon.
4. Likely economic disasters to be happening despite all that assurance.
5. The awareness of right of inverse surveillance by citizens on government instituitions for balance checking.
6. Robin Hood mania in Sarawak is over where Taib Mahmud goes down... (state elections, mah!)
7. A new social awareness change, where some change is needed already. Period.

As for me, I only wrote 9 months out of 1 year of postings and this time, I need to catch back already. Starting today. Twittering? Not yet, but could be jumping in the next time round.

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