Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hardly Mentioned, But It Implies of 2Malaysia

The story of Nik Aziz's meeting with the Agong on Christmas eve turned out to be true, although that it absolutely never showed up in government-controlled dailies. Nik Aziz was not told of the clear picture initially, as the invitation was relayed by the middleman of the show, Abdullah Badawi.

As story goes, it seems that Agong was indeed used as the mediator between PAS and UMNO on that night itself. There were a few men there, and of course in BN's end has Najib, Muhyiddin and Abdullah. After the dinner with the Agong, the 3 BN men started to talk about forming unity government with PAS with the excuse that the Malay rights are eroding, blah blah blah.

To my understanding, these old men were thinking of such myth that the Malay powers are eroding and so forth is simply because of the pre-Merdeka perception. Of course, for those who in particular who were born before Merdeka, Malaysia was used to be called Tanah Melayu, meaning Malay land. Translate directly from that above, it simply means that there is the phobia of other races, which were given rights to become citizens later on could soon overtake the natives of the land, a.k.a "Sons of the Earth" / Bumiputra. Perhaps this was the biggest fear of all - in the mind of some old men.

Of course, Nik Aziz, who had seen several occassions of invites to form a unity government turned them down outright, gave a very long lecture that three BN men could not even able to retort or rebutt Nik Aziz's statements. And of course, the Agong, caught in the mess, could not stand the crooning and decided to excuse himself, with Nik Aziz following suit saying he's not well and wants an early rest.

I happened to check and compare the story as what RPK said over his podcast recording here and Hishamuddin Rais' pseudo-satirical story of the event here and it turns out that both matches what really happened in the event. Unfortunately, Hisham's story is a little obfuscating because of the character names, meaning it is a little hard to figure who those characters are in real life. 

At the end of Hisham's version, it said:

Tetiba Lelaki Botak mencelah, ‘… jaga jaga hal perjumpaan kita ini jangan di ketahui oleh Mat Sabu.. Mahfuz.. Husam … dan jaga sikit Khalid Samad.. press pun jangan diberitahu…kalau Harakah.. Malaysikini tahu bahaya kita semua..Kalau I ditanya press I akan nafikan perjumpaan ini..

If you look at the last line, this is evident in Najib's keeping mum of that event (reported on MI, last Friday). But at least the leaked story of what transpired on Christmas eve clearly implies that 1Malaysia is more or less a rhetoric because since these men are talking about Malay unity government, which is in contrast of the 1Malaysia campaigning that is going all around, it clearly implies of wasting money for public relations exercise. There's still the residue of Ketuanan Melayu going around and at this time, it's doubt that it would die down yet.

Perhaps WB Yeat's phrase of "No Country for Old Men" is appropriate for these old men running Malaysia.

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